HP Mars Home Planet: Can You Design Futuristic City on Mars to Accommodate One Million People?

Two technology giants, HP and NVIDIA, joined hands for extraordinary Virtual Reality (VR) project ‘HP Mars Home Planet’.


HP Mars Home Planet Virtual Reality

The VR community at SIGGRAPH 2017 witnessed an exclusive immersive experience of ‘HP Mars Home Planet’. The unique idea stretches to create a Virtual Reality experience of civilization on Mars. All the participants – ranging from various technical and creative fields like designers, programmers, architectures, inventors, space explorers and many more – will sync their ideas together to make live the city plan, which can accommodate one million people on Mars planet. The backbone of this out of the world landscape will be Virtual Reality, supported by photorealistic renders.

HP and NVIDIA are leading technology partners for this VR project HP Mars Home Planet. Their combined forces of hardware (HP Z workstations) and software (VR SLI, Single Pass Stereo, Lens Matched Shading, VRWorks 360 Video, VRWorks Audio, PhysX) solutions will enable participant to imagine and execute hyper realistic world, without any compromise on quality level. Apart from powerful VR renderings, the participants will receive cutting edge tools and technologies to seamlessly combine 3D output with surreal sound, sensory touch and real time physical simulations. This global VR project aims at the invention of a futuristic city, spanning across three phase project.

First phase, Concept, was launched at SIGGRAPH 2017. The participants of HP Mars Home Planet submitted their ideas which can initiate the life support system of an urban city. It can be in areas of health care, transportation, education, industrial, architectural, automobile or any other relevant arenas.

Second phase, Modeling, was initiated at Autodesk University in November 2017 with announcement of concept winners. Autodesk softwares were used to create required 3D modelings of all objects and environments.

Third phase, Rendering, launched at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in March 2018. To blend it all into Virtual Reality experience, Technicolor came into the picture. Using their technical support, participant will finally render immersive VR environment and simulation through Unreal Engine and HTC Vive. After all these rigorous efforts, winners will be announced in SIGGRAPH 2018.

Check out all the progress of HP Mars Home Planet competition on official VR project category of Launch Forth. It gives complete information on various technological developments including AR/VR, Robotics, Farming, Electronics, Advanced computing, Manufacturing and many more.

VR project mars home planet


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