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Get registered for the live thinkingParticles webinar from the maestro himself Hristo Velev. Hristo is founder of  the Visual Effects Studio named ‘Bottleship VFX’.


Hristo Velev thinkingparticles webinar

thinkingParticles, or more commonly known as tParticles, is an accurate tool for various simulations from the software company cebas Visual Technology. The algorithms are precisely based on hard core physics and mathematics for generating real life effects. It has been used in various hi-end blockbuster Hollywood movies and visual effects oriented TV series.

To dig more into the tParticles, Hristo Velev is conducting free live thinkingParticles webinar. Hristo is founder of BottleshipVFX studio. His major blockbuster Hollywood credentials include Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch, 2012, Hindenburg and many more. This online training event will majorly focus on the vortex shot, which Hristo Velev created for the famous Chinese movie titled ‘The Impossible‘. Entire shot will be taught from conceptualization to final execution. Integration of thinkingParticles with FumeFX, Stoke and Krakatoa will also be covered.

The essential details of thinkingParticles webinar are as follows:

Languages: English, Chinese

Date: 20th March, Monday, 2017

Schedule: The webinar is scheduled as per early Pacific Time. If your time zone is different than the given ones, use this time zone converter to find time as per your location.

  • Shanghai: 8.45 pm
  • Sofia: 2.45 pm
  • Vancouver: 5.45 pm
  • New York: 8.45 am

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  • thinkingParticles interface and workflow
  • Creation of swirling debris, lightning, disintegration, sucking environment
  • Emitters and its related forces, shapes and layers
  • Various particle effects
  • Texture based displacement
  • Variations in output through altering parameters
  • Changes as per client’s requirement
  • Budgetary / monetary constraints
  • Discussion of Hristo Velev with online participants of the webinar
  • Q&A session before closing the event. Use TWITCH TV messaging tool for that.

Registration link of the webinar:

The thinkingParticles webinar will be streamed on TWITCH.TV on following link:

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