Illustration and Animation: Why Video Games are High Art

Illustration and Animation in games are scaling new heights.


Illustration and Animation in games high art

Adults who played the ‘80s and ‘90s childhood video games have a better point of comparison with today’s high-quality games. Current young gamers may curse that the graphics are yet to match their expectations, but any other person can attest that current games are ten times better than the old ones like Super Mario Bros.

The makers of these video games have done a lot of work to bring them to where they are today. The larger part of it is high art that is done through the animation of different situations and illustration of various stories. For better understanding, it is better to look into things more deeply in the context of illustration and animation in games.

Making a Video Game:

As soon as the video game makers decide on a new game to make, the first step is to write a story. Even if the game is taking the concept from a movie like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, they will often have a totally different story within the same theme.

After the story is approved, this is where things get artistic and complicated. Experts like illustrators, artists, and programmers come together and create a team that is headed by a producer to create all of the scenes of a story. But most of the work is done by the artists who have to create the character. Some use their hands while others use computer software depending on what is needed and how complicated the game is.

According to experts from the ilustra site, the secret to making a successful story is ensuring that it has a moral that is relevant to the targeted gamers. This is best achieved by the use of experienced illustrators to include this important message in the game.

Why Are Games of Today High Art?

Unlike in the past when the pixels of the games were not all that interesting and came in 2D, the gamers of today want characters who look real, can be viewed in 3D, and a game that is smooth. Thus, the experts have to create a balance between these two. Online games need to be colorful and have a super-fast connection rate. This is where amazing illustration and animation in games plays a major role. Although the specifications of the gaming computer play a significant role in this, how the game is created matters a lot.

Computer experts bring all of the components of a video game together and make sure that they are working as seamlessly as possible. That is why the art does not end at the creation of the components. Sometimes, it takes a lot of revisions by all of the involved experts to get the best results.

The Role of Users:

When a game is released, the developers involve the users to collect information about what they need to improve. They know that a video game can hardly be perfect if all parties are not involved. That is why new games usually get an update soon after the release.

Indeed, making a video game is an art that is more detailed and complicated. Remember that users are supposed to control the movements of the characters and everything else in the video game. Thus, it is a very detailed balance of art and other factors.


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