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Get registered in the top notch technology savvy Indian job portal for creative professionals of Media and Entertainment Industry : Check out how it will help you to achieve your dream career.

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The web is cluttered with bunch of job portals. But, Artisthunt is built on the niche idea of collaborating and promoting creative professionals only. It is job search portal for all innovative artists under one roof to help each other getting job and making the project done in appropriate time. You name the creative job, it has space reserved for it. It is the best system to hire a local professional. 

Registration is free at Artist hunt for all its users. The job portal caters essential needs of a creative artist by building rich online portfolio. The artist is able to segregate his/her individual work as per different categories to make sophisticated look and feel. The profile page includes artist’s total years of experience, hourly rate, skills, client reviews and many more. All the details appear on a single page to give a big picture to an employer or a client. The artist can be searched by skills, experience, location and industry wise. 

More than just a mere profile, Artisthunt works hard to make you a ‘brand’. Our wide online presence and tie ups with big client directory give your profile credibility among its peers. It all comes with huge SEO integration. So, the artist is searchable by Google and other search engines out of Artisthunt job site also. Make sure to showcase your best creative talent. All our pages are highly optimized for search engine crawling and indexing. Make sure, you don’t skip any of the fields to fill up. The more details you input in your profile, more the chances you increase to get hired !!!

artisthunt how it works

The pipeline of this job portal is very transparent and simple : Client comes to the Artisthunt with brief specifications regarding the project and then it is redirected to the artist. If the artist wants to apply for the job, he/she updates the project fees to the client. The artist pays only once to send quote. If both the parties mutually agrees to carry on task, they can directly communicate with each other for in-depth conversation regarding the project and lock it. After meeting of the client and the artist, there is no any intermediate person or system to drag the hiring process. In depth knowledge of various Adobe packages will help you a lot. 

So, what are you waiting for ? Join Artisthunt and make your stand in the professional world. 


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