You will Love the Very Creative Faces of Gorgeous Elsa Rhae Pageler

Elsa Rhae Pageler is an online celebrity through her sheer brilliant talent of Face Painting and Make-Up skills.



You will love marvellous artistic work on her official Facebook Page. 

Enjoy all the Making of Videos: Face Painting and Make-Up.

24K+ Likes on your FB page, 10K+ Subscribers on YouTube – Two of your best achievements. How do you feel about it ?
I have a lot of emotions – excited, grateful, amazed and there’s actually quite a lot of pressure on me now to keep producing high quality work. I was slightly nervous about it at first but as long as I keep doing what I’ve been doing I will be just fine!

What inspired you to follow this profession ?
This is not a profession for me. My life long desired profession has always involved video work, but I’ve never limited myself to one area in video. I started taking my passion for Art and Face Paint to the next level by using my video work to display them more artistically than a simple photo would. Face Painting is truly just a hobby.

Share your journey from Novice to Pro Artist.
I am still a novice. There are so many things I don’t know and have to learn from so many real professionals. The way I got to this point is only through practice and lots and lots of patience.


Which comic / movie character is very close to you ?
My most favorite video game character is Yoshi from the N64 (Nintendo 64) games. I have no idea how I could paint him but he has always been my favorite.

How do you take care of your beautiful skin before and after the face make up / body paint ?
I apply a facial lotion first and then go for face painting. So my skin doesn’t absorb the paint. Besides painting, I use a lot of eyeshadow to create depth in my looks. Once the paint and video are done, I removes it after a while. I use Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil and/or Tea Tree Oil to wash my face. I have a mostly organic diet (this is especially important in America where the foods are loaded with GMO’s and preservatives – you are what you eat!).
What are your biggest credits till now ? 
I have been featured on The Huffington Post, Smosh‘s Facebook Page and the Daily Mail in England.

You must be getting hundreds of crushes – online and offline. How do you handle that ?
Not really, I’m surprised people have been so nice to me. I expected to have a lot of “haters” and trolls but really, everyone that has come across my work and have commented on it are very kind, open hearted people.

How do you get inspiration and creative ideas ? 
I am inspired by what no one else has done. I look at objects or characters and ask myself what I could do with that concept art and make it something completely different than what it originally was. I love transformation.

What are your next goals ?
One of my goals is to grow my YouTube channel. Video has always been my favorite form of expression and my face painting has helped my video work take off!

And, the last the not the least, the following face painting is exclusively dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil.


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Check out the stunning Face Makeup and Body Paint works of Elsa Rhae in the following gallery:

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