Introduction to Houdini: Free Webinar to Jump Start Your 3D and VFX Professional Career

Escape Studios has scheduled free webinar ‘Introduction to Houdini’. Get all details and registration link.


Introduction to Houdini

In the industry level knowledge series, under title of ‘3D software sessions’, Escape Studios has organized another free webinar after receiving huge positive response in Advance Maya training. Maya webinar saw full participation from all around the globe. Now, it’s turn of another very powerful 3D software Houdini by SideFX (Side Effects Software). Check out complete details of ‘Introduction to Houdini’ below.

Trainer: Mark Spevick
Date: 13th February, Tuesday, 2018
Schedule: 6 pm London / 11.30 pm India (Check out the registration link to get webinar schedule in your country’s time zone)
Duration: One hour
Venue: Online

Mark Spevick is Head of 3D at Escape Studios, who also conducted Advance Maya webinar. In the ‘Introduction to Houdini’, he will take you through Houdini interface navigation, standard working methodology, various fundamental and technical aspects, understanding of node based architecture and many more. This online training tutorial video will help to kick start your production exposure. The session will end after Q&A round of webinar attendees with Mark.

Why Houdini is so useful?

Houdini is very robust 3D and VFX software application, integrated in so many leading studios production and post production pipeline. It has credentials in huge number of blockbuster Hollywood movies and other video contents. Some of its major USPs are:

  • Procedural generation workflow
  • Node based structure
  • Open architecture for customized modifications and implementations, so for every project an artist can develop specific production pipeline to save time and cost
  • Supports various scripting languages and their respective APIs, including ‘Python’ which is the key programming language right now for our Animation and VFX softwares
  • It can easily handle high-end and complex FX / simulations

and many more ….

Excited enough?

Do sign up for the Houdini webinar and reserve your ticket asap. Even though it is webinar, seats are limited.


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