Everything You Need to Know About A. R. Rahman Directed Virtual Reality Film ‘Le Musk’ and its Advanced Technology

Le Musk: Musical Virtual Reality movie; Co-Written, Soundtracked and Directed by A R Rahman.


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The main story of Le Musk (meaning ‘fragrance of musk’) revolves around ‘the sense of smell’ aka olfactory (Remember the cult movie – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? Don’t worry, this one is musical). A R Rahman got the core idea of Le Musk movie from his wife Saira Banu who is very fond of perfumes. She suggested him to make directional debut with the subject of perfume and gradually the project got shape. And this is how Rahman added another feather to his cap as filmmaker in his versatile credentials with Karan Grover as producer.

Music maestro A. R. Rahman (Allah-Rakha Rahman) wanted to narrate the film story through music, so the regular formats were not useful. Hence, he choose Virtual Reality aka VR as the film medium. Being an early adopter of technology, it got handy for him. As a homework, he took classes of Virtual Reality in LA and India. From these early learning, he released his iconic master piece track of ‘Vande Mataram’ in VR format on 10th edition of NFDC Film Bazaar in Goa.

For the VR film screening, ARR joined hands with PVR Cinemas. After their meeting, PVR decided to launch VR technology equipped theaters. Le Musk will get release exclusively at PVR’s VR lounge at Noida, which is first of its kind in Asia. Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR is very excited to present such immersive content to audience. PVR is also welcoming many more such video projects from other filmmakers and short movie directors.

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What is Le Musk movie all about?

Le Musk is an Indian Virtual Reality (VR) film, shot in Rome, consisting all foreign actors. The main female character is an orphaned heiress Juliet played by Nora Arnezeder. Juliet is a part time musician who embarks journey to become a diva. One thing was constant in her life and that was the Muskan scent. All is going well but suddenly she receives a mysterious letter which drives to her past. And the story takes rolls on twist. Other cast members includes Guy Burnet, Munirih Jahanpour and Mariam Zohrabyan.

It will be a way beyond than typical 3D stereoscopic movie. It true words, it is coined as world’s first ‘multi-sensory’ Virtual Reality movie. Why multi-sensory? Because apart from watching VR film experience, you will smell a scent which will be dispensed at appropriate movie scenes. This aroma will take you in another dimension, for a great immersive movie experience. You will go through various olfactory sensations. The official movie poster perfectly narrates main storyline of the movie. The lead actor Nora is seen immersed in aroma. That is exactly what the user will be feeling in this stereo smoking movie.

Production and Post-Production details of Le Musk:

Le Musk is a collaboration between PVR with YM Movies. YM Movies is AR Rahman’s own movie production house.

Various foreign locations were in list for movie shooting including Paris, London, Croatia and Rome. Finally, Rahman zeroed on Rome. In just 13 days and help of 4 units, Rahman and production crew wind up shooting at various locations of Rome. Pair of Jaunt ONE cameras were used for VR shooting purpose. Each one has 24 camera sensors to capture 8K video. Customized rigs were created for complex shootings. Drone camera were also used for aerial shots. In post production, each frame was stitched into 360° to create seamless world.

Jaunt ONE is the complete toolkit to shoot live action in 360 degree audio and video, and can be viewed and manipulated on VR platform like Facebook’s Oculus. CGI can be easily integrated in this phase, working with Oculus headset gear.

jaunt one vr camera

vr movie editing headset

Motion control rigged chairs will be used for ultimate immersive Virtual Reality experience. Positron company has invented this technology in their ‘Voyager’ series chair which looks like egg shaped pod. It is known as world’s first cinematic VR chair. Apart from fully motion rigged chair control, Voyager is also equipped with haptic feedback (user can touch and control action by clicking floating user interface) and 3D spatial audio.

One more enhancement in existing technology and that is a small device for perfume dispenser is attached with Voyager to release adequate smell as per the story. It will incorporate scent in audience’s sensory input. As Rahman depicted, it will give emotional touch of the story aspect. London based company, The Feelies, had developed this scent. Grace Boyle, daughter of Danny Boyle (ARR gave soundtrack for Danny’s two movies – Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours), is founder and director of The Feelies. They are expert in delivering technology support for multisensory concepts.

People at Intel booth NAB 2017, who attended this unique multi-sensory VR experience are vouching for it on social media platforms.

Positron voyager chair le musk

Technology partners:

To push the envelope further and to provide different experience to audience, Rahman has dabbled with various leading technology partners to give accurate vision to his story telling.

  • Intel: Core technology provider for seamless VR movie experience, seed funding for the project
  • The Feelies: It will manage perfume dispensing work during movie watching experience
  • Radiant Images: Makers of 360° VR shooting cameras, Jaunt ONE
  • Positron: Creator of full motion chair, egg shaped pod, named ‘Voyager’ for complete VR immersive experience
  • PVR Cinemas: Theater partner through VR lounge

Experience ‘A Prelude to Le Musk’ through 3D VR headset:

Click the official link of Samsung VR to experience prelude to Le Musk. Make sure to wear 3D VR headset to view the video. It was revealed on 24th April, 2017 at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) as part of the Intel Keynote.

A. R. Rahman is already very well known personality in international film circles as Oscar and Grammy winning composer. He won Academy Award in the category of ‘Best Original Music Score’ (Jai Ho song) for movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in 2009. He also got nominated in Oscars for the movie ‘127 Hours’ (If I rise song) in 2011 and ‘Pele: Birth of a Legend’ (Ginga song) in 2016. Recently he also produced music for Irani film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’ directed by Majid Majidi. Earlier in 2017, he scored for Gurinder Chadha‘s British-Indian film ‘Viceroy’s House’. Working with music experiments all the time, Rahman was also in news for his 19 minutes orchestral composition album ‘The Flying Lotus’ as his voice on the issue of Demonetisation, led in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The soundtrack of this movie will have classical music touch.

ARR is very ambitious about his filmmaking journey. His next project is Indian culture based romantic musical movie titled ’99 Songs’ as co-writer, producer and music director. It is based on five different Indian classical dance forms. It will also use VR platform. On a completion note, Le Musk will be 55 minute long VR movie which is targeted to get release by end of 2017.

Enjoy the official teaser trailer of Le Musk:

Stay tuned with us for gaining much more advance details of this extravaganza Virtual Reality movie experience.

Check out image gallery of cast of Le Musk.

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