Legend 3D in China: 600 Artists to Hire for VFX and 3D Conversation Jobs

After India expansion, now Legend 3D in China opens up at Luoyang City. Check out exclusive report.


legend 3d in china

Animation and VFX industry giant Legend 3D, Inc. is aggressively progressing by leaps and bounds. The studio is world renowned for extra ordinary execution of CGI, Visual Effects, 3D Conversation and VR (Virtual Reality) in various Media and Entertainment sectors. Spider-Man: Homecoming, Passengers, Ant-Man, Transformers: Age of Extinction to name few.

Currently Legend 3D, Inc. is geographically presented at:

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. Pune, Maharashtra, India

In November 2017, Legend opened 40,000 sq ft studio at Pune, Hadapsar, India. It has started projects successfully. Now the post production studio has eyed new ventures on global footprints. In the latest news, Legend 3D in China opened up at Luoyang city. Luyong is situated in province of Henan which is very well known for growing businesses of technology related segments.

Why Legend 3D opened studio in China?

Around 98% of movie theaters of China are capable of projecting film in 3D version (stereoscopic movie). This staggering figure is more than enough reason for Legend 3D to start its operations from China. It is lucrative business for 3D production and distribution. As there is already a proven and profitable market, the studio can create more and more 3D content. Physically situated at the same location will also cut down production cost on huge level.

The news became official on 11th December, Monday, 2017 as Legend 3D, Inc. hosted ceremony at the Luoyang National University Science Park. It was attended by number of key people and authorities, local and international. The science park is hub for eminent business entities and upcoming start-ups.

How Legend 3D will operate in China?

Legend 3D in China, at Luoyang city, is the fourth expansion. It is spread over 60,000 square foot space. As per current press release, it is estimated to hire 600 artists for VFX (including Roto and Paint artists) and 3D Conversation job categories. It will give major boost to local work force of CG artists. To make post production pipeline smooth and streamlined, the studio will tie-up with local universities to provide industry standard training and job placement. The studio will cater its post production services to local and international projects of 3D, VFX and Virtual Reality.

Will Maurer, Vice President of Legend 3D, Inc., is the major force behind this expansion. Will has been instrumental in closing beneficial tie-ups with local entities of the Luoyang city, Henan province and other interested. Under his leadership, the studio had undergone a bold move. Will and Legend 3D, Inc. will make sure to maintain highest level of quality standards for 3D movie creation. This is in interest of the people who will go in theatres with paying high value of ticket. Aidan Foley, Legend 3D, Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Wei Xianfeng, Luoyang City Vice Mayor, are completely aligned with the philosophy and envisioning a great future for studio and local artists both.

All four facilities will run in coherence for optimal performance and better client servicing. The studio will follow same digital security protocols which are running at earlier three premises. The China based post production facility is projected to be up and running by Spring 2018, as official sources.


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