Why The Lion King 3D Hindi will be as blockbuster as The Jungle Book 3D Hindi?

The Lion King Hindi dubbing review: Another Blockbuster in the making after The Jungle Book 3D Hindi.


The Lion King Hindi review bollywood blockbuster

After bringing the Rudyard Kipling Classic The Jungle Book 2D into life, director Jon Favreau is back with another Disney Classic “The Lion King 2D”, in a revamped and visually appealing avatar which is expected to roar much louder on Indian Screens. The Lion King Hindi 2019 released with English version. It’s virtual cinematography is getting acclaimed by all.

The 1994 cult classic has been updated by Favreau with life-like computer-generated CGI animation technology unlike never seen before. The film brings back the adventures of Simba, who is yet to surpass his father Mufasa as the King of the Pride Lands. The movie showcases a story of how despite several attempts to bring him down by his evil uncle Scar, he rises to the glory of taking the mantle as the King. The full movie takes its audience on a trip down memory lane with its star-studded cast to widen its reach and box-office horizons. Jon has given full justice to all Lion King characters. The internet is already flodded with Lion King 2D vs 3D comparison.

To talk about the franchise / series, it is not the Lion King 2 movie. Actually, it’s fourth installment from Disney. After The Lion King 1 in 1994, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride released in 1998 and The Lion King 1½ released in 2004.

List of Lion King Hindi voice over artists:

The Lion King 2019 3D Hindi dubbing is a major attraction for the Indian movie audience. This is because of an interesting voice-cast from Bollywood and Hindi theatre actors. This alone has upped the entertainment quotient of the film by leaps and bounds. Complete list of Lion King Hindi voice over artists / dubbing artists team are as follows.

  • Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan as Simba
  • Arush Nand as Baby Simba (cub)
  • Ashish Vidyarthi as Scar
  • Shreya Talpade as Timon
  • Sanjay Mishra as Pumbaa
  • Asrani as Zazu
  • Neha Gargava as Nala
  • Shernaz Patel as Sarabi
  • Achint Kaur as Shenzi
  • Sunidhi Chanuhan – Nala (song vocals)
  • Armaan Malik – Simba (song vocals)


Now, most of the Indian cinemagoers know the plot of The Lion King 3D Hindi, as they already had seen The Lion King 2D of Disney years ago. Needless to say, all Lion King characters are loved worldwide. The premise begins with Mufasa being the just ruler over the animal kingdom. Scar, his vicious younger brother has set his eyes on the throne. He plans and executes a plot resulting in the death of Mufasa and blames Simba for this happening. He asks Simba to distance himself from the Kingdom and never return. Despite Scars’ best efforts, there comes a time when Simba comes back and regains the throne. Simba is the new Lion King, the rightful heir who gets his due.

List of Lion King Tamil dubbing cast:

The Lion King 2019 cast / dubbing voice over artists of Tamil version are as follows.

  • P. Ravishankar as Mufasa
  • Siddharth as Simba
  • Arvind Swamy as Scar
  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Nala
  • Singampuli as Timon
  • Robo Shankar as Pumbaa
  • Manobala as Zazu

List of Lion King Telugu voice over artists:

The Lion King Telugu dubbing / voice over artists are as follows.

  • P. Ravishankar as Mufasa
  • Nani as Simba
  • Jagpathi Babu as Scar
  • Lipsika as Nala
  • Ali as Timon
  • Brahmanandam as Pumbaa

Lion King Hindi dubbing review:

The latest iteration of The Lion King 2019 in Hindi 3D is an entertaining watch nonetheless. Now since the film is dubbed in Hindi, despite being well done, the true essence of the film gets partly lost in translation. This problem persists with the music too, which is likeable in most parts. Most of the story is focused on Simba’s exile in the company of Timon and Simba. The story of betrayal and retribution is depicted with simplicity and without much clutter. It does work well to enliven the story line’s approach though, without losing its essence.

That being said, the Hindi version lits up when Mishra and Talpade have their gut-busting moments. Aryan Khan surprises you with his impeccable delivery as Simba. Asrani’s liveliness makes Zuzu an interesting character to listen to. Shah Rukh Khan sounds much like SRK without any noticeable deviation. His voice suits Mufasa just fine.

For some odd reason, in all these Lion King characters, the detestable hyenas speak in Bihari Hindi. There needs to be a concrete reason for them speaking in such a dialect, which otherwise makes it very confusing for the viewer. But, the film keeps one engaged with its masterly retelling of a story we have seen before.

Box office figures of The Lion King 3D 2019:

The Lion King 2019 3D is out now in cinemas across India in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The Lion King Hindi 3D has already made a whopping Rs. 13.50 crore opening in India on its debut Friday thereby fixing its spot as an emerging blockbuster in India.

The film is made with the same technical expertise that powered the Mowgli remake The Jungle Book (1996). The new Lion King 2019 full movie is a photorealistic computer-generated remake of the traditionally 2D animated, beloved 1994 cult classic. The cutting edge technology of virtual cinematography / filmmaking has made it an exceptional movie experience.

Family and kids are expected to turn up in huge numbers for the film in the coming days for this visual spectacle. Disney, with its best localization strategies, has made sure that the film reaches out to masses across India.

Check out the character gallery of voice cast of The Lion King 3D Hindi and other language (Tamil and Telugu) voice over artists list.


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