Spectacular Making Of Coldplay’s Latest Music Video : Adventure of a Lifetime

Enjoy splendid making of Coldplay’s new music video named ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’. You will love before and after of the shooting and final output.


making of adventure of a lifetime

Coldplay is back with one more amazing music video named ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’. This one is the lead single track from their seventh album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’. The making of video is nonetheless lesser than the output video directed by Mat Whitecross. It has an interesting back story. The lead man from the band Chris Martin and the master of motion capture acting Andy Serkis met on a plane journey and discussed the idea. Later on it got shoot at Imaginarium, a digital motion capture studio based at London. Andy is co-founder of this studio.

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All four Coldplay team members had been revamped in the Chimp avatar. As per original concept, all four were assigned different characters. Chris Martin as a pixie, Will Champion as a chimp, Jonny Buckland as a Mexican wrestler and Guy Berryman as a robot. But, after the initial developments, all decided to became an Ape. Andy took their practical acting for animation classes with maintaining their own characteristics. All members wore in house motion capture suits. Their faces were given special reflective make up to catch the real light properly. It helps 3D renders engines to output perfect lighting condition. Check out amazing making images of on set shooting.

The motion capture suit used 50 Vicon cameras. The head mounted camera system (HMCs) captured the real time 3D skeleton information to be seen directly on connected TV monitors. It was great help to judge their facial and physical behavior real time. The HMCs was configured in 3 camera system solution to count full body mass. Various sensors on body also helped 3D animators in Post Production pipeline to refine the animation. The making of this video took six months to complete.

Mathematic – Paris based VFX, Animation and Motion Graphics studio – worked on 3D animated background creation and Post Production.

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Enjoy making of video and various behind the scenes images.

behind the scense adventure of a lifetime

coldplay team

making of coldplay

motion capture coldplay

behind the scenes cold play

chris martin motion capture

chris martin swinging

coldplay motion capture

Imaginarium andy serkis

motion capture camera

vacon camera motion capture

chris martin cg

Guy Berryman 3D

Jonny Buckland chimp

Will Champion ape

3d chimps coldplay

cg apes adventure of a lifetime

coldplay chimp

coldplay chimp adventure of a lifetime

A Head Full of Dreams coldplay


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