Latest Animation and VFX Merger news of Maxon and Red Giant

Merger of Maxon and Red Giant completed.


maxon and red giant merger cg vfx news

With continuous technology improvements in the Animation and VFX industry, we are seeing various mergers and acquisitions, in both software and hardware arena. It is better to get united and work in cohesion. It also helps artists and studios both, as they can afford the same softwares in less commercials. Such software collaboration increase their creativity and productivity, rather than doing compromising on quality and cost.

Recently Boris FX acquired Silhouette FX and Digital Film Tools (DFT), and now in latest news, Maxon and Red Giant get merged in February 2020.

Maxon is well known for Cinema 4D (C4D) and Redshift, along with Cineware and Cinebench. Maxon’s 3D softwares are heavily used in various creative and technical verticals of broadcasting, motion pictures / films, tv commercials, web series and many other related. Red Giant has amazing series of industry standard plugins (Trapcode suite, Magic Bullet suite, Universe, VFX suite and Shooter suite) which are useful for editors, motion graphics artists, VFX and other creative artists. As both are also integrated in Adobe After Effects, it will increase overall productivity and artist efficiency.

“After months of planning and hard work, we’re proud to announce the merger of our two companies is officially completed,” stated David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “We are excited to begin our partnership with Red Giant which shares with us a great tradition of outstanding products, innovation and superior customer experience. Our newly formed and seasoned executive team is thrilled to start integrating the talented teams and processes of both companies.”

“The combination of our companies is an exceptional fit of people, culture and technology.” said Chad Bechert, CEO of Red Giant. “We look forward to working together under a shared vision of how to design powerful and approachable software to serve creative artists around the world.”

Key members of the executive team are as follows.

  • Chad Bechert, Chief Strategy Officer and Member of Advisory Board
  • Philip Losch, Chief Technology Officer
  • Stu Maschwitz, Chief Creative Officer
  • Enrique Glas, Chief Financial Officer
  • Gesa Häfner, Global Head of Employee Experience and Legal
  • Robert Sharp, Global Head of Sales
  • Paul Babb, Global Head of Community and Customer Experience
  • Aharon Rabinowitz, Global Head of Digital Experience
  • Karen Gauthier, Global Head of Products
  • Ozlem Zaimoglu Akinbosoye, Global Head of Operations
  • Nicolas Burtnyk, CEO Redshift

Nemetschek Group is Media and Entertainment division of Maxon’s parent company. Maxon and Red Giant are merged under this Nemetschek Group.


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