Key Strategies for Effective Millennial Management

Millennial Management is the new challenge to tackle, in the professional arena. Learn techniques to handle them.


effective techniques for Millennial management

Those born in the 1980s and 1990s are the largest generation since the now-retiring Baby Boomers. There is a huge gap in terms of mentality and behavioral between both the generations. With lots of plus points, there are also some grey areas which needs to be taken care of very wisely. At one hand, they are very much smart and effective and at the other, they are also fickle. This is the generation that grows with mobile and digital games, under heavy influence of imaginary world created by 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

This means that companies need to find effective ways to handle Millennial as they are the dominant generation in the workforce. The ratio is increasing day by day. Here are some effective strategies for millennial management.

Work-Life Balance:

Seasoned executives like Eyal Gutentag don’t view the often touted Millennial traits as negatives. Instead, he capitalizes on those traits to create a workplace that works for them and taps into their potential. Millennials work hard, but not in the same ways as generations past. They value their time and want results which don’t necessarily mean working long hours confined in an office. Bringing flexibility into the workplace can increase their job satisfaction and create greater results for your company. It is true for any Media & Entertainment to any typical job category.

To millennials, there is more to life than money and work. Businesses would be wise to help them create that work-life balance. They want to balance their real life with their digital / gaming avatar.

Company Culture:

By and large, Millennials want to work for companies with a strong corporate culture. Companies that value the same lifestyle and ideals are often more worthwhile than companies stuck in the old ways of doing things. These companies recognize the Millennials’ needs for flexibility, recognition and opportunity. Creating a consistent culture that motivates them and has positive effects makes their decision to stay with the company easier. Negative or inconsistent company cultures that don’t allow for growth may have them reconsidering their positions.

They want to see cohesion of their creative skills, seamlessly blended with technical skill of someone else. To do so, they adapt new technologies and softwares to make their work easy and much more productive. Increased gamut of AR and VR in corporate culture is very promising sign. Going with flow of all these is an essential key to millennial management.

Short-Term Goals:

Younger Millennials especially have grown up with more immediate recognition of their value and experience. Corporations that help them reach their long-term goals by providing short-term goals along the way can bring their employees greater satisfaction. Provide opportunities for them to grow through learning and development. Change up the workplace with new experiences to keep them interested and stimulated in their environment. It is long but robust technique of millennial management.

All companies should take those negative traits and turn them into something positive and rewarding for your company and your employees. This will surely work to retain your quality employee and get the best of his / her ability in the production pipeline.


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