Motion Graphics in After Effects: How to Use 12 Basic Principles of Animation?

Learn how to improve your Animation through free webinar of motion graphics in After Effects.


Motion Graphics in After Effects webinar

Your animation can make or break the entire project. Many of us do 2D or 3D animation on daily basis, but generally we stick to default styles. Adding some twist in the technique can make the entire animation much more attractive and appealing. Latest online training video from Escape Studios focuses on various styles of motion graphics in After Effects. 

Details of webinar are as follows.

Date: 31st July, Tuesday, 2018

Time: 6 pm, London (Change this time zone as per your country in the webinar registration page)

Trainer: Thiago Maia, Head of Motion Graphics, Escape Studios

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Thiago will showcase the use of 12 basic principles of animation in the motion graphics. As a base, he will animate a simple cube in linear animation method in Adobe After Effects. This simplest animation will be improved gradually with different animation styles. For the same, the ‘Graph Editor’ of After Effects will be tweaked. You can play around with various animation curves here to modify the animation completely. 

The second most important thing is timing control. You can change mood of animation drastically with variation of timing. You can change it to smooth, jerky, random, fast, slow and more. After the webinar completion, you will be able to download the project file of motion graphics in After Effects. It will be used as future reference or for your practice. 

Thiago Maia has professional credentials in international brands such as MTV, Nokia, Samsung, BBC and Nickelodeon. Apart from expert motion graphics artist, he is founder of Cookie Studio and co-founder of See No Evil events. Check out his amazing works of 2D and 3D animations of various clients. 

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