You just can’t miss this Exclusive Motion Graphics Movement Webinar !!!

Escape Studios is presenting the most amazing Motion Graphics Movement Webinar in early 2016. Get tips and tricks from JM Blay to create awesome MoGraph.


motion graphics movement webinar

The Motion Graphics Movement Webinar is first in the series of the new year. Motion Graphics has evolved tremendously in recent times by crossing the barriers of broadcasting industry. The bare 2D movements are replaced with kick ass 3D integration along with awesome look and feel using lights, textures and shading. It has became an integral part of feature films, TV series, games, documentaries, corporate videos and commercials.

Escape Studios knows the potential of MoGraph very well in the recent trend of Media and Entertainment industry. It has wide scope in terms of career and creativity. Various 2D and 3D applications can be used in combination to create the output. The artist can use various elements of graphic designing through animation for this vibrant form of visual arts.

JM Blay is Head of Motion Graphics at Escape Studios, Pearson college London. He is an independent Director and Motion Designer with 15+ years of experience and knowledge in various genres of films, games, TV, commercials and multimedia. His huge clients list includes the biggies of industry such as Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, NBC Universal, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Adobe, BBC, Nikon, Sony, Lenovo, Panasonic, Adidas, Activision, Citi Bank and others.

Blay will conduct the motion graphics movement webinar. The webinar will be started with brief history of motion graphics along with some of the best creations so far. This will help to clear the concept of various arts that can be used and manipulated to create the mind blowing output. After showcasing these solid fundamentals, JM Blay will reveal practical techniques through Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema4D.

The schedule of training webinar is as follows :

Date : 13th January Wednesday 2016

Time : 6pm GST

Duration : One hour

Venue : Online

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