New features of Marvelous Designer 9: Leading 3D cloth simulation software

What’s new in Marvelous Designer 9.


New features of Marvelous Designer 9 3D cloth simulation

Marvelous Designer 9 is leading software in the niche market of dynamic 3D clothing / 3D cloth simulation. Apart from Animation and VFX industry, it is also used widely in the arena of video games and fashion industry. Marvelous Designer has revolutionized the virtual clothing segment and produced amazing and visually rich outputs.

Use MD 9 software to create fast and accurate clothing simulations. Recently, there has been new developments in the software. Check them out with official explainer videos.

New features of Marvelous Designer 9:

1. GPU Simulation:

Perfect, seamless 3D cloth simulation using GPU capability.

2. Retopology:

For faster and better workflow. To save production time, just draw topology lines on a pattern and create a new mesh.

3. Subdivision:

Subdivide mesh of selected area.

4. Half Pattern Symmetry:

Edit a single pattern symmetrically based on its center line.

5. Mirror Creation:

Symmetrically create polygons, internal polygon patterns.

Also check out various production works of Marvelous Designer.

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