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Renderforest is an online video production platform. One of the main advantages of Renderforest is that it is very easy to use and provides high standard quality at affordable prices. The best part is that you needn’t pay for a trial. The service is always free at Renderforest. You can create your video in minutes, and everything is royalty free and extremely easy to use.

Renderforest features more than 400 video templates and 115000+ HD royalty free stock footages to choose from. A wide range of music tracks is available across all genres and styles. Your video projects will be saved on your own personal dashboard. You can always get back to them, edit and re-edit them as much as you wish. The video editor is accessible anywhere and on any device.

If you are short of time, Renderforest is the best solution for you. You can use ready-made stories to fasten your video creation. All you need to do is choose the template, upload your media files, set the colors, choose the music and styles, and Renderforest will do the rest for you.

Following are the extracts from our talks with Mr. Roman Daneghyan, Marketing Head of Renderforest.

Dear Roman, Thanks for providing your time for an interview. Let us know what is Renderforest all about.

Renderforest is an online video production / creation platform which helps individuals and businesses to create different types of videos online in their browser. So, they don’t need any technical background for using the platform. People can create promotional videos, explainer animations, music visualizations, slideshows, logo animations, and more. They can also edit their videos online by using our online video editor.

What set Renderforest apart in peer competition?

What makes us different from our competition is that we try to make everything as simple as possible in the niche market of online video production. And, our users’ feedback and testimonials help us a lot in that process. By doing frequent surveys, we find out what kind of new features our users need or what they don’t like about Renderforest. Based on that data, we always improve our user experience and products to make it easier for them to create videos.

Kindly describe the process how one can make an online video and animation through Renderforest.

Let’s say you need a video and have landed on our Video Templates page. You can browse more than 400 video templates and choose the one you like. After selecting the template, you will be shown a short introduction video related to what kind of video you can expect to get by using the selected template. Then you click on “Create Now” button to start editing the template with our video editor.

There are two options for creating videos with Renderforest. The first option is to create a video by choosing and selecting appropriate scenes from our library. The second one is to create videos by using ready-made stories, which are created by our team of creatives to simplify the video creation process. After completing one of the options, you can choose your color style, upload your music, or record a voice over.

The final step is to preview your video and see how it looks like. You can edit your video as many times as needed. And once you have the best result, you can go and export it in HD.

Check out the online video creation process.

If I am a novice to Animation process, how can I successfully edit template videos?

Most of our users are novices to Animation process, that’s why we’ve built the platform to make animation and online video creation possible for everyone. In our platform, we do have tutorials section, which shows how to create different kinds of videos from scratch. We also add presets (ready-made stories) to our templates, which help our users not to waste time on thinking of a scenario of their videos. When the story line is ready, they can edit the texts wherever it’s possible and add their media files to get their video in minutes.

Can I use stock footages from my own library?

We do have an integration of Story Blocks, which includes more than 115000 Royalty free stock footages. They are free for any usage, commercial or personal, and all our users can easily add that footages to their online video production projects. 

Let us know your various pricing policies in detail.

Currently, we have two types of payment options:

The first option is Pay Per Export. It means that users pay for each video they want to get in HD and without a watermark. For now, we support 3 resolutions:

  • 360p, which costs $9.99
  • HD 720p, which costs $19.99
  • HD 1080p, which costs $29.99

All the videos with this option are limited to 3 minutes, and if someone needs longer videos they should subscribe to one of our subscription plans. The users can use this option as many times as they want. There are no limitations. You can check the detailed description of this option here.

The second option is subscription-based. Users subscribe to one of our 4 plans. So, you pay once and get the features included in the plan. Users can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. When subscribing to any of our yearly plans, they spend 2 times less money. By becoming a subscriber, users get 10, 30, 50 or 150 HD exports monthly. The length of the videos varies from 5 to 120 minutes. The storage of their media files varies from 20 to 250 GB (all these numbers depend on the subscription plan). Our Business users also have a reseller license. The Enterprise users can use our API. You can find more information about our subscription plans here.

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Kindly share your production credentials.

We have an inspiration gallery, where our users share their created videos. You can have a look at it here.

How has been client feedback?

Our clients’ feedback is positive in 95% of the cases. They like that Renderforest simplifies their online video production process and save lots of time and money for their companies.

You are following SaaS model. Please share more details about it.

SaaS is acronym of ‘Software as a service‘. 

We provide an online video editor and people use our software without purchasing it. But, when it comes to exporting their videos in HD, they pay monthly or yearly fees and get their HD exports based on their needs. Basically, our platform is free to use, and we charge money only for HD exports.

You already have a wide range of video categories from 2D explainer videos, stock footages, motion graphics, 3D and way more. What more can we expect in future from Renderforest?

We are working on developing the mobile version of our platform, which will be available at the end of this year. Besides, we try to create more templates for various industries, such as food, agriculture, sports, healthcare, and more. We do our best to satisfy our clients’ needs and create the templates for online video production which they need the most.

Renderforest is truly a revolution in the field of online video production and content creation. Check out amazing Renderforest Template Reel 2018.


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