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Photogrammetry Webinar by VFX Supervisor Timothy Hanson and Capturing Reality’s Zuzana Durickova.


Photogrammetry Webinar VFX Supervisor Timothy Capturing Reality

Photogrammetry is the buzz word in today’s technology advancements arena, specially in vast and every changing gamut of Gaming, AR & VR, Visual Effects and Animation. Want to know more? Check out what is Photogrammetry and it’s real life case studies in the series of CR hub of Capturing Reality. Photogrammetry can solve small areas to gigantic places in one go, with top notch accuracy.

Use of Photogrammetry is increasing on huge level in behind the VFX of every block buster Hollywood movies and games. The technology cut down the tedious process of manual 3D modeling and texturing. With continuous developments in area of sophisticated Photogrammetry softwares and tools, we are saving tons of work hours. It has increased the productivity on multi fold level, in production and post production pipeline of Visual Effects studios world wide.

Photogrammetry Webinar details:

Mentors: Timothy Hanson (VFX Supervisor), Zuzana Durickova (Customer Support Lead, Capturing Reality)

Date: 7th May, Tuesday 2019

Time: 11.00 am in Pacific Time (US and Canada) (Change it to your country’s timezone in webinar registration link)


  • Importing of images from DSLR and drone photography
  • Starting the initial solve of Photogrammetry
  • How to use control points to get the drone images and the DSLR to solve until there is only one master component remaining
  • Meshing process
  • Cleanup of geo, generating UV’s
  • Final output

Special notes:

  • During the Photogrammetry webinar, live chat will be supervised by Capturing Reality Customer Support Lead – Ing. Zuzana Durickova, PhD.
  • Every registered webinar attendee will get a redemption code for a 45-day RealityCapture license.

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About Timothy Hanson:

Timothy is a VFX supervisor in Los Angeles, CA with nearly 20 years experience in film and television production. He is currently the VFX supervisor for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger at Zoic Studios. His movie credentials includes, as a supervisor, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fast and the Furious 8, as well as numerous seasons of The Walking Dead and Legion. Timothy Hanson is the founder of, where he make video tutorials for VFX featuring Reality Capture, Houdini, V-Ray, ZBrush, Mari, and Maya.

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