Pirate’s ArrBCs: DreamWorks Director creates a BOLD Learning Brand for KIDS!


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Tell us a bit about Pirate’s ArrBCs, what stage is it in currently and why are you so excited about it?

Slavik: Pirate’s ArrBCs is an exciting brand for kids that we have developed at Orange Wolf Content in the last two years. Our main characters Pirate and Crow help kids learn early subjects such as ABCs and Math, while taking them on exciting adventures with larger-than-life characters, hidden treasures and most important of all – fun learning. Right now, we are looking for more investors to join our company and the great thing is that it can be anyone, not just the wealthy.

Jack: There was so much interest behind Pirate’s ArrBCs that we were able to raise $50,000 through friends and family in just three months! We are now live on the SEC-regulated TruCrowd to open this investment opportunity up to everyone.

Enjoy the teaser of Pirate’s ArrBCs.

And, what makes Pirate’s ArrBCs different and unique?

Jack: Most parents feel guilty leaving their children in front of a screen, but the real truth is that kids are in front of screens more and more, so parents feel better if the content is educational. Much of that content is purely educational and so dry that kids lose interest. We are dedicated to making content that is incredibly funny, story-driven, engaging, and memorable that kids want to repeatedly interact with it. But, our content also contains thoughtful thematic ideas, concepts, and educational components that parents feel good leaving their children with.

Slavik: Pirate’s ArrBCs also allows for endless creativity with business and marketing. When Jack and I are brain-storming a concept, we think about not just what’s within the visual frame, but also how our characters’ on-screen actions can boost and influence our marketing and business strategy. We will leverage our Pirate’s ArrBCs: Dreams Youtube channel, where we can mix Pirate interacting with an influencer or a celebrity, or if a company wants to advertise their product in our universe. We are able to easily execute those ideas due to the versatile design and our team efficiency.

Kids seem to like color, why did you choose black and white?

Slavik: 95% of our competitors use color, and overuse color, hiding behind glitter, stars, loud noises and flashing imagery. This may be fun to look at but are the children actually engaged with it or simply distracted? We not only wanted to look different and stand out but to approach engaging content differently. We wanted to utilize the black and white in such a way that it gives us an edge on our competitors and help with some of our learning strategy. What we developed is a unique approach to imagery and we call it “The Rich Black and White look”. This makes our visuals beautiful and exciting, while easy to understand – which aids learning and the separation of important objects and ideas.

Jack: If you look at my personal artwork and social media you’ll see I’ve been doing black and white art work for years; I’ve been told by dozens of agents and publishers that black and white doesn’t sell and then you have a movie like Sin City, or any of Shel Silverstein, Tim Burton or classic comic books. All the classics printed before 1970 or so were all in black and white, just because color is available doesn’t mean it’s right for every application. There is quite some science about how the brain and eyes react to black and white; and that is a mismatch in expectations of what we think children like to look at and what the reality is. In our focus target groups, the kids were laughing at the Pirate and Crow, engaging with the story and characters and asking to view it multiple times.

Slavik: We had one family of two kids that watched our teaser over forty times. Also, I wanted to add that children never brought up the fact that it was in black and white, only parents did and not very often! We are finding that bright or pastel colors for young children is an adult belief that doesn’t necessarily hold a lot of weight in research, in fact, the first thing the eye understands is contrast, the difference between black and white. We believe, with the results of our focus group and visually standing out from our competitors we have something they do not and ultimately will become our strength.

Enjoy the king teddy bear video:

Pirate’s ArrBCs: Dreams looks like AR, why such a choice?

Slavik: It’s a very unique, yet interesting look. It’s very fast to generate, because we can use real locations and situations and technically easier to produce than AR. Also, our Rich Black and White Look really sings when put against live footage!

daughter dancing in the living room with Pirate right along side! Imagine mermaids and sea monsters floating in your child’s morning cereal bowls.  Bringing the characters to life, in real life, is perfect for emotionally bonding and the relatability of the brand and stories, making educational content stick and have that much more meaning.

Tell us more about the DIY approach?

Jack: I’m currently a director on Netflix’s 2nd most popular animated show for kids, Dreamworks’ Spirit: Riding Free, and it’s in its 7th season! Having experience supervising large teams and small teams, both having experience as animators, compositions, editors, we both a deep understanding of the full process. We both write, I storyboard, Slavik edits and films the content on his iPhone, he previzes and I animate, and we push it all together to the final picture.

Slavik: One of the most fun DIY aspects of this is the voice over work. Jack voices our two main characters, Pirate and Crow, as well as King Carp, while I accidentally became the voice for what might be our most interesting character so far, King Bee. We decided to utilize our experience in directing, writing, animating and editing to propel the business and give us the biggest momentum for our effort.

Tell us more about this business model and marketing models, how do they work together?

Jack: Every piece of content that we develop is multi-purpose and supports each other through different ways. For example, the Pirate’s ArrBCs YouTube channel will focus on “real world” content, much like an AR experience bringing the Pirate into the real world. While this creates new, fun and engaging content it is also a playground to experiment with new technology, utilize the social sharing of YouTube and ultimately act as advertisements for the brand as a whole.

Slavik: And there is just something incredibly exciting about the concept of mixing great content and strong advertising.

Why did you decide to go on the TruCrowd investment platform instead of traditional  crowdfunding sites like KickStarter?

Slavik: TruCrowd is amazing, it makes investing quick and easy, while making sure you are aware of everything you need to know about our company, the business and marketing models, as well as the risks.

Jack: We want our investors to feel a sense of ownership and connection to the brand. Platforms like KickStarter can often feel like a donation, but this is an actual share-driven investment with a very good return.

Slavik: Our friends, family and close business associates have been incredibly supportive of Pirate’s ArrBCs and we want to make sure that they not only get their money back, but make quite a lot more money on it as well. On KickStarter we would only be able to offer perks and gifts, but on TruCrowd we can share our success with them financially through actual, real monetary returns.

Learn more about Pirates ArrBCs Investment Opportunity text content and video of Slavik IA and Jack Kasprzak from following official link of TruCrowd.


How can someone get involved or where can they contact you?

Slavik: We are currently featured on the TruCrowd website, which is a SEC-regulated, crowdfunding portal for investors. This isn’t some Kickstarter offering t-shirts as perks, this is real investing. The most amazing thing is that you can invest with as little as $250 and become a part of our company and a key player in Pirate’s ArrBCs success. Even if you are not into kids’ stuff, the fact that we will be working hard on your behalf to make you even more money is a great opportunity that doesn’t come very often. You don’t want to regret not getting involved.

Check out how you can invest for Pirate’s ArrBCs on TruCrowd in following video.

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