Ram Mohan, Father of Indian Animation Industry, Awarded the Prestigious ‘Padma Shri’ 2014

Ram Mohan, The GURU and Father of Indian Animation Industry, received ‘Padma Shri’ for his exceptional contribution in Indian Animation Industry.


Ram Mohan awarded Padma Shri 2014

Ram Mohan has started his journey from ‘Films Division of India’ in 1956. Many of his films won numerous National and International Awards. The Maestro’s animation journey ranges from so many titles and recognitions including renowned motion pictures of Bollywood, Chief of Animation at Prasad Productions, Ramayan with collaboration of Yogo Sako from Japan and his very own studio – Ram Mohan Biographics.

His Animation Education Academy – Graphiti Multimedia – has contributed to nurture immense number of artists. He has been a great mentor and inspiration for to various animators and digital artists. Many of today’s top notch heads of Indian Animation Industry are trained under him. He also received the Lifetime Achievement award at the Mumbai International Film Festival, 2006.

It was my pleasure to shoot a video interview with him at his residence. He is very wise, humble and down to earth personality. His space was as I imagined – full of books, creative decore and various art paintings. His years of wisdom were pouring in the interview – very commendable yet polite speech. Ram Mohan is a true storyteller who creates magic with his in-detph storyboard, beautiful characterization, seamless animation – all integrated with his very own flavor of humuor which makes the animation come alive !!!


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