Requirement of Dedicated Freelancers Teams for VFX And Stereo (2D to 3D Conversion) Jobs – Rotoscoping and Paint

Job opening for Rotoscoping and Prep (Paint) Artists on Freelance basis for VFX And Stereo (2D to 3D Conversion). Contact us to get outsourcing VFX projects.


  • Job Categories : VFX outsourcing of Rotoscoping and Paint – VFX And Stereo (2D to 3D Conversion)
  • Requirement : Dedicated Freelancers Teams
  • Experience Level : 2+ Years
  • Nature of Job : Freelance / Remote / Virtual / Work at home
  • Softwares : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Foundry Nuke, Eyeon Fusion, Silhouette, mocha
  • Selection : Based on Demo Reel / Test Shot
  • Salary : Based on Project, Quality and Deadine
  • Contact :


Guidelines to follow :

Provide team description in following manner.

  1. Use following text only for the ‘subject title’ of email. Any other kind of subject title email will be trashed. Subject Title for the email – VFX outsourcing work of Rotoscoping and Prep (Paint)

  2. Name, Resume and Contact number of the team leader
  3. Demo Reel link if any
  4. Number of Artists for VFX Roto :
    Number of Artists for Stereo Roto : 
    Number of Artists for VFX Paint :
    Number of Artists for Stereo Paint :
  5. Your quote for each category. It will not be fix rate. Price is variable as per shot complexity, quality detail and deadline. Just give your ballpark figure. VFX Roto :
    Stereo Roto :
    VFX Paint :
    Stereo Paint :
  6. Account details, in case you require on-line money transfer
  7. No freshers please



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