Node Based Rotoscoping Software Flowbox 1.7 With Boris FX’s Award Winning Mocha Planar Tracker

Flowbox, leading rotoscoping software, is revamped with integration of Boris FX’s Mocha planar tracker.


rotoscoping software flowbox mocha planar tracker

Flowbox is VFX software and technology company, based in Krakow, Poland. It is creator of the dedicated node-based VFX platform focused on Rotoscoping. The latest version, Flowbox 1.7, has default integration of Mocha Planar Tracker. Flowbox used Boris FX‘s Planar Tracker SDK (Software Development Kit) for the same.

Flowbox spent a huge time consulting Roto artists across the globe — India, Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Europe and China — and invented the most intuitive workflow and user centric interface with industry standard tools and techniques. Their USP are rotoDraw and rotoSnap. Flowbox 1.7 is the biggest release till date with inbuilt integration of Boris FX’s Mocha Planar Tracker. You don’t need to operate multiple softwares for single task of rotoscoping.

Flowbox 1.7 is also equipped with completely optimized background process for faster output. To help artists, it also introduced feature of permanent / perpetual license. It will be a great support for various freelancers and small scale VFX studios. Apart from it, monthly and yearly subscription licenses are also available.

Major interview bites are:

“Flowbox has hurdled past ANY competitive Rotoscoping solution with this final puzzle piece. The fastest, smoothest UI on the planet for VFX, intuitive and flexible node-based workflow and now coupled with the “best in class” planar tracking solution—today Flowbox instantly becomes the de-facto standard for professional quality Rotoscoping.” – Mikołaj Valencia CEO of Flowbox

“Mocha’s Academy-award winning Planar Tracking engine is widely recognized for accuracy and time savings. Flowbox’s rotoscoping tools – paired with integrated Mocha tracking, now delivers powerful new workflows for the professional visual effects community!” – Ross Shain, Chief Product Officer, Boris FX

Major highlights of rotoscoping software Flowbox 1.7:

Flowbox 1.7 download link:

Click the official download link of the rotoscoping software. Choose one of the best options that suit you best.

  1. Educational version
  2. Permanent / Perpetual license
  3. Per month / year subscription
  4. Free trial of 30 days

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