Silhouette 6 released with Compositing features

Silhouette 6 Compositing features update is a major improvement in the latest edition by SilhouetteFX.


Silhouette 6 compositing

Silhouette is one of the recommended softwares, majorly used for Rotoscoping and Paint in the Visual Effects industry. Rather than an add-on package, it is considered as a fully functional software in the post production pipeline of various Animation and VFX studios worldwide. Silhouette is very well integrated in the stereo pipeline also without any data loss.

SilhouetteFX was started in 2004 and since then it keeps evolving to cater ever changing needs of the VFX industry. It was started with huge focus on Roto and non destructive Paint jobs. The manual process got changed into automatic through the use of planar tracker tools. It provided accurate rotoscopy and paint via tracking. Gradually various tools were added for much more control and value added services in single package. These includes tools for chroma removal, warping, morphing, depth map, zMatte and other supporting effects. Power Matte is one of the favourite tools of Compositing artists. Now, all the tools are completely GPU accelerated for better performance in real time. Inverse Kinematics (IK) is the major breakthrough for complicated shots.

Silhouette 6 is launched with various enhancements and considerable workflow / algorithms changes. Pulling out uneven mattes from complex shooting has been eased out. For matte extraction, it has variety of options. Total 138 power packed nodes are accommodated in this new version. Node based workflow makes it very fast for interactivity and fast operations. It also supports OFX plug-ins. All the nodes (tools) are equipped with several inbuilt industry standard presets. The artist can create a slap comp or fully fledged compositing workflow in Silhouette 6.

Check out some of the tutorial videos of Silhouette 6 compositing and other tools.

Silhouette V6 Overview:


Silhouette V6 Compositing:


Silhouette V6 Rotoscope:


For more details on Silhouette 6 compositing tools and other updates, check out the official website.

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