Check Out Collection of Silhouette Tutorials by MadlookZ

Manooj Manoharan aka MadlookZ has created free Silhouette tutorials on his YouTube channel. These are good stepping stone for beginners.

Silhouette tutorials

Manooj Manoharan is a veteran VFX artist, specialized in Roto and Paint – Prep jobs. Currently, he is heading the same profile at BOT VFX Studio. Using his years of production experience and expertise, he has created free Silhouette tutorials and published it on YouTube to help aspiring digital artists. His job profile ranges from block buster Hollywood movies, commercials to various well known TV series.

Like typical node base software like The Foundry NUKE and Blackmagic Design Fusion, Silhouette 6 is power packed with industry standard tools of post production pipeline. All the tools are GPU accelerated for real time updates. Planar tracker tools always helps for rotoscoping through tracking. The addition of advanced Stereo tools and Inverse Kinematics helps to solve complicated shots very efficiently.

SilhouetteFX is one of the most useful packages in the post production pipeline. It started mainly as a Rotoscopy, Paint and Tracking software. But, it had evolved gradually with latest technology advancements. Rather than being a supporting software, now it is considered as a must have tool for fast and productive output in less amount of time. Check out advance features of Silhouette FX 6 including compositing workflow along with industry standard Roto and Paint tools.

For the educational training video purpose, all tutorials are made in Silhouette FX 6 trial version. He has explained all the topics in very detailed manner with proper technical terms. Moreover, they are taught with industry level tips and tricks for better understanding. Following is a list of 8 Silhouette tutorials available online by Manooj Manoharan.

  1. ROI (Region Of Interest)
  2. Viewer updates
  3. Snapshot
  4. Creating Project and Session
  5. New nodes introduce
  6. Node graph tips
  7. Node parameters tab
  8. Viewer shortcuts

Check out the complete playlist of tutorials on YouTube of above mentioned Silhouette titles. 

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