Snapshots of a Beautiful Wedding

Wedding photography and videos: the memories worth keeping for lifetime.


Snapshots of a Beautiful Wedding

Weddings are full of emotions, mostly of joy. There are many beautiful moments shared between the couple, their families and friends. They want to preserve these memories and keep them in a lovely box to treasure for many years. That is why people keep photos and videos of the wedding. Now, there is a new trend of pre-wedding shoots.

More than the still images and movie clips, a good wedding photographer and videographer will know when to capture the right emotions and the most exciting moments of the special day. He/she know about all essential details like perspective, camera framing and angle, light, shadow, depth, color scheme and many more. If the shooting DOP is much more creative, forced perspective video of wedding can be viral on social media platforms.

What are those moments worth capturing and looking back on many years from now?

The Preparation:

These are moments of genuine happiness for everyone during the hours before the wedding. There might be some quiet moments of the bride or groom in deep thought. Or the smiles and cheers of the people around you excited to see you walk down the aisle. Beautiful shots of the dresses, accessories, the hair and make-up are also fun to look back on.

The Gals and Guys:

The couples choose the bridesmaids and groomsmen for a reason. They are special to the couple in different ways and it’s nice to capture this special bond. The deep friendship will shine through, even in candid or orchestrated framing.

Generations of Love:

Weddings are not only a union between couples, it is also a merging of two families. It is beautiful to capture how the family members celebrate their love for each other. As they say, families do not lose a member during a wedding, they gain one. Innocent faces of the little ones are also beautiful behind the lenses.

The Walk Leading to I Do:

If there is an emotion-charged time during the whole of the wedding, it’s this moment. There are raw feelings everywhere. There are the happy faces of guests. The first look of the groom to the bride is also noteworthy. The highlight must be also given to the beauty and the overwhelming feelings of the bride. There may be some tears of joy at this moment. These are beautiful moments that one can lovingly look back on.

A Promise and a Kiss:

The exchange of vows and the first kiss as a couple is high on the list to capture. It’s the official start of the couple’s lives as one. Again, candid shots of guests are also good subjects of these moments.

Two People and As One:

After the ceremony, the couple can have several solo portraits and shots as a couple. It can go from the most serene to candid to the wackiest. Let these shots be a celebration of their new life as one. When their hair is gray and their skin all wrinkled, they would treasure looking back on their younger selves.

A Celebration of Love:

There are also some important reception details. The couple would want to remember the first dance and the official toasts. Details of the reception hall can also be captured. Moments during the reception are lighter and are usually pure fun.

Of course, hiring the right people to cover your wedding would know the things to capture. They will look for moments that will remind the couple of the day they started a new life together. Moments that will bring them smiles many years after.


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