Sultan: Behind The Scenes VFX Breakdown by yFX Studios, Yash Raj Films (YRF)

Enjoy mind blowing behind the scenes VFX breakdown of Bollywood blockbuster movie Sultan, exclusively by yFX Studios.


sultan vfx breakdown

Salman Khan starrer Sultan movie has been one of the biggest blockbusters till date in the Bollywood. It had crossed the profit of Rs. 300 crore and still minting money. Apart from Salman’s charisma, there is one more pivotal thing in the movie that made it immensely successful – the invisible visual effects. Check out the amazing behind the scenes VFX of the movie.

yFX Studios is the new baby of gigantic Indian Media and Entertainment brand Yash Raj Films(YRF). yFX Studios is an independent wing which acts as a complete Post Production Suite. The USP – VFX is treated and catered as an integral part of film making, not as an add-on or follows ‘fix it in post’ attitude. This is a big breakthrough that was long awaited. The outcome can be clearly seen in exceptional behind the scenes of Sultan. yFX Studios had created the benchmark of seamless visual effects from it’s first very first movie.

yfx studios

YRF launched official VFX breakdown of Sultan and not to mention, it gone viral on net. The video have massive collection of frame by frame behind the scenes details. The minute details taken care by the director and VFX supervisor makes it a comprehensive case study for all cinema and technology lovers. Making of videos of old Delhi, akhada, tournaments, kite flying and other crowded shoots leaves you speechless.

Chroma shootings, matte paintings, 3D set integration, crowd simulation / multiplication and matchmoving are used on an extensive level. The camera had never been static to show a dull moment. All the background details are crafted with realistic finish. Until you watch behind the scenes VFX video, you will never know that the shots had been digitally altered. This leads to fulfilling cinematic experience rather than worrying about real life practical problems of camera shooting.

sultan before after

sultan making of

behind the scenes sultan

making of sultan


Watch the full making of video of Sultan:


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