‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Game by Nintendo: Oldest, But Never Forgotten

‘Super Mario’ or just ‘Mario’ for short has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood. The name still bells that nostalgic background soundtrack of the game.


‘Super Mario Odyssey’ is a great incarnation in 3D version, keeping pace with features and interests of the modern gamers. The plumber boy is presented in vibrant outfit. The X factor here is his cap cum ship, named as ‘Cappy’ which is claimed to be possessed by ghost! Yups, Cappy is the coolest gimmick to do wonder as Super Mario begins his journey to explore brand new locations (levels) to save Princess Peach from Boswer.

Following the earlier series, it is both, single player and multiplayer game. The levels are named as ‘kingdoms’. I bet you can easily guess the look and feel ‘New Donk City’ game level. When you will start playing the game, you will surely be less concerned about the characteristic of hero or saviour Mario. Instead, you will not be able to stop yourself but capturing the objects of open world scenario. Cappy needs to be thrown to objects to capture its qualities and powers. Play with your bizarre imagination and do stuffs with that – let it be any kind of character or an object worth trying for. All of these, with endless number of cute characters to accompany you throughout the gaming levels. Such nuance gives very powerful and pleasing gaming experience.

Cappy of Super Mario Odyssey game is a complete game changer here. You can do some other activity while Cappy is following your commands. It’s like having magical power to do smart work. So, by this time, the game is more on your thinking capacities rather than just hopping around and finishing the level. The real enjoyment here is to unlock the secrets of magnificent game levels. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but your curiosity here will take to whole new level of exploration and astonishing environments.

Excited! Hold your horses. Super Mario Odyssey has not revealed its true colors yet. The Snapshot Mode is going to hit you very hard on creativity point. In this mode, you can change camera angle to any wacky angle, anywhere. Get amazed to the see beautiful landscapes and some weird parallax. Playing with all of it, don’t to forget to cling heavily the stars which are scattered at random locations. As the typical game rule, it will help in several ways – from buying costumes to get hold of required assets. The Snapshot Mode is gonna make you crazy.

3d game Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey reviews are positive. The 3D game is set on the platform of Nintendo Switch. A fresh concept promises to beat the benchmark of its earlier game plays – Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Check out more on the official website.


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