The best book types to read to children

Check out the types of books you should read to children.


the types of books you should read to children

Books are enriching. They provide information and entertainment at the same time. It is nice to encourage young children to read and love books. The best way to do so is to start them young. Books can bring many things to your children. It can help them become familiar with the complex world of language. It can keep them informed and entertained. Starting children young with books is beneficial. But you have to know what types of books to introduce to them.

If you are good at writing or crafting stories, you can create a book for your kids with the help of an expert. Who knows? You might even become a famous author in the future. Self-publishing books, including children’s books, is possible even for novice writers because a business can walk you through the how-tos of publishing. But first, you have to learn what types of books are suitable for kids.

The A-B-Cs of Children’s Books:

Unlike the common impression, children’s books are not merely storybooks. Many different types are available for kids to quench their thirst for information and entertainment. Here are some examples:


This type is the most popular and most preferred style of parents for their children. Storybooks written for children are not content-heavy. They are mostly short stories peppered with lots of pictures. Why is this so? Kids will not have much patience to keep up with a lot of words. They get bored easily. You need to keep them excited about what they see to encourage them to keep flipping until the last page of the story.

Picture Books:

As mentioned, children need something to excite them to keep reading. Colorful pictures and vibrant layouts will make them want to read more books. Picture books may also come with a story or a lesson in numbers and reading. They can spell fun with pop-up images and stickers.

Board Books:

These hardbound books are considered a must-have for children, especially toddlers. They are designed with the behavior of a 0-to-3-year-old in mind. At such age, they are more likely interested in chewing or throwing objects, including books. That’s why board books are created with a material that’s difficult to bite on and won’t get damaged if thrown away. They also have rounded corners. Your kids are generally safe with this kind of books, whatever they decide to do with it after reading. What do board books contain? They can include a few things that will introduce children to learning. Some examples are letters, numbers, nursery rhymes, poems, names of everyday items, and more. Like storybooks and picture books, they have more pictures than words.

Apart from all these books, you can also use audio video medium. Such video formats have fun stories, embedded with knowledge. It gives them proper education in easy language.

A lot of these books are available at book shops everywhere. But it would not hurt if you decide to add your very own to the collection. Writing books is easy, especially if you are writing for kids. You don’t need to do lengthy works. All that you will need is proper guidance on the format and layout. This guidance will make sure that the books are age-appropriate and attractive enough for children.


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