The Foundry 2014 Showreel and 2013 Highlights

Check out two great visual informatives – The Foundry 2014 Showreel and 2013 Highlights



The Foundry 2014 Showreel :

All the projects featured here were made with the use of one or more pieces of our software: NUKE, MARI, MODO, HIERO, KATANA and OCULA. Visit to check out all of our products in more detail.


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The Foundry 2013 Highlights :

The following timeline shows the major development and improvements of The Foundry for the year 2013.

January :

The playback took for Nuke, HIEROPLAYER,  launched. A very major key element of NUKE/HEIRO workflow.

February :

KATANA wins the prestigious ‘Academy Technical Achievement Award’ from ‘The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’.

March :

MODO 701 hit the shelves. The first big MODO release after the merger with Luxology which was a huge hit from reviewers and clients.

April :

Launch of the microsite – Step up to NUKE. It has great resources and materials to jump start the software.

MARI 2 introduces layers for great workflow. It is the 3D digital painting application since its inception at Weta Digital.


MARI at Apple’s WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). The product manager took special session, showcasing the power of MARI and the new Mac Pro for the very first time.

July :

The Foundry and Pixar Animation Studios announced a strategic collaboration around KATANA and Pixar Renderman.

September :

FLIX joins the Foundry. FLIX is the collaborative storyboarding application which was already a major hit for animation workflow around the world.

October :

The Foundry gets a new look. They reveled new logo and webiste with lots of fresh product videos.

December :

NUKE 8 enters the ring. The most anticipated product release of year kicked off with a bang, at special at NUKE 8 Live Event at London.

Introduction of a special version of award winning modelling software MODO for Valve’s Stream store.

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