India’s Biggest and First Nuker of the Year 2014 (NOTY) VFX competion announced by The Foundry and Ark Infosolutions

The Foundry and Ark Infosolutions has come up with the VFX competition based on NUKE named ‘Nuker of the year’ (NOTY). Find out more details below.


India’s first ‘Nuker of the Year’ (NOTY) is the VFX competition for students and professional digital artists. The visual effects competition is divided in three separate categories:

  1. Nuker of the year
  2. Student Nuker of the year (the student’s age must be under 22 or must be in full time course)
  3. Nuke team of the year (at the most 5 people in team)


All the technical specifications are as follows:

  • The artist has to upload his/her original work made in NUKE and submit the web link.
  • The video can be upload on YouTube, Vimeo or any other streaming video sharing site or platform.
  • The uploaded video must include the complete shot, it’s VFX breakdown with NUKE effects and screen shots / screen capture of NUKE node graph (do turn on the postage stamps in node graph editor).
  • The duration – 8th October to 5th November, 2014
  • The output video resolution – HD 1920 x 1080
  • The submitted video entries must be anonymous. Please don’t use your real names.
  • The entry should clearly indicate which category they belong. The student must provide proof of age / proof of currently running VFX course.
  • The winners will be declared during The Foundry’s November event in India and their output will be screened live on the stage.


The Industry experts from Judges Panel are:

  1. Jordan Thistlewood – Head of Creative Specialist, The Foundry
  2. Kyle McCulloch – VFX Supervisor, Framestore
  3. Amit Sharma – Head of Compositing, MPC Bangalore


The Prizes:

  • Nuker of the year –  Perpetual Production COLLECTIVE and an Annual V-Ray for NUKE License
  • Student Nuker of the year – 1 year Production COLLECTIVE, Direct interview for internship at MPC Bangalore
  • Nuker team of the year –  Up to 5 x 1 year Production COLLECTIVE licenses, Special recognition in November events with expert afternoon, dinner and drinks.

More than the prizes, the most prestigious reward is that the selected entries will be used by The Foundry and ARK Info in future.


How to submit your work for the competition: 

Use any of following methods.

  1. Click on the Nuke9 image above. It will take you to the online registration link.
  2. Click this link for direct video submission for NOTY.
  3. Copy and paste following url in any web browser –


Check out the Nuke tutorial of Postage Stamps:

Postage Stamps are very useful to systematically organize the all the nodes. It makes them visually appealing and helps to navigate the compositing tree faster. Use this tutorial video, made by Tom Hauville, to submit your entry for NOTY.


Visit the official website for more information and registration. Nuke it !!!!

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