The Lion King 2D or The Lion King 3D – Which is better?

The Lion King – Does 3D matter?


The Lion King 2D or 3D comparison

The classic tale of The Lion King has made a comeback this time in 2019, but in the form of full movie as a photorealistic CGI adaptation being produced and helmed by Jon Favreau (Yups, our very own Happy Hogan from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Iron Man, Avengers and Spider-Man series). Making its way back on to the big screen after 25 years, the cult remake of 2D version is loaded with an ensemble cast, that includes big names of Hollywood and international Media & Entertainment industry. The major voice over cast of The Lion King 2019 is as follows.

  • Mufasa: James Earl Jones
  • Sarabi: Alfre Woodard
  • Simba: Donald Glover
  • Nala: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter
  • Scar: Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Rafiki: John Kani
  • Timon: Billy Eichner
  • Pumbaa: Seth Rogen
  • Zazu: John Oliver
  • Young Simba: JD McCrary
  • Young Nala: Shahadi Wright Joseph

For India, apart from English, the movie is released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions. With its amazing dubbing / voice over star cast of Lion King characters, The Lion Kind Hindi version is becoming huge Bollywood blockbuster.

But before you get excited, ask yourself this important question. The Lion King 2D or The Lion King 3D – which is better? But before you answer, let’s channel through how the film delivers in 3D. Do 3D glasses help you to see more or is just another marketing gimmick for the film? Let’s find out.

3D experience:

While people are still debating if Disney needed to remake one of its iconic 2D films, the stunning visuals have a different story to tell. The CGI in the film is a visual treat and 3D only enhances the overall experience.

Jon Favreau nails it when it comes to convincing us as an audience that we reimagine ourselves in the actual African Savannah locations. Full movie is entirely shot in virtual reality cinematography, keeping 3D space and VR in mind. The filmmakers designed 360-degree virtual environments and crafted the images with great attention-to-detail for that immaculate 3D viewing experience.

Is all the planning and efforts worth it?

There are no two ways about The Lion King 3D is looking as good as it does in 2D. It is not at all easy to blend 3D into a film so seamlessly, but how it does this is indeed an astonishing achievement.

Every ounce of animation right from the good old “Circle of Life” opening, to the intense fight between Simba and Scar, works in favour of the 3D encounter. The 3D makes a solid case for that superior experience of watching the film for fans who don’t mind diving deep into the director’s vision.

mufasa simba lion king 3d

What works before the screen?

The latest movie of the series doesn’t claw out of the screen as much one would expect it to. This is done keeping the young audience in mind. The classic scene where Simba is held out is not shoved into our faces. The 3D makes sure that the audience doesn’t feel violated by the imagery.

Be it Pumbaa and Timon marching towards the screen as they sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” before being charged at them by Nala or Mufasa being thrown into the air due to the stampede, there’s a rewarding use of leap-off-the-screen magic.

What works beyond the screen?

The answer is virtual filmmaking / virtual production, keeping Virtual Reality in mind.

The gasping depth of field displayed with beautifully crafted environments in virtual cinematography is worth gushing over. This is where the live-action film lits up in a way far more than the original could. Watching all the beasts rushing through the highlands or Timon and Pumbaa showing Simba the beautiful greener pastures is just as realistic and beautiful as CGI can make up. Audiences won’t forget the deep and vast landscapes depicted in this iteration 3D version. Jon has used same technique in the making The Jungle Book 2016.

Color grading is impeccable!

The Lion King 3D movie has managed to produce bright and crisp images despite the dark 3D glasses on your face. Simba’s run-in with Rafiki and at the Elephant’s Graveyard are some of the few dark scenes in the film that won’t let you down visually. The bright aesthetics of the film leaves no scope for complaints or discomfort.

Day by day, we are advancing into the filmmaking and production pipeline arena. Slowly and steadily, the virtual filmmaking process is becoming game changer with finer color details and mesmerizing output.

How does the film score without the glasses?

If you take off the glasses you will come to know how much of the film is manipulated for the sake of 3D. This is because the foreground and the background are designed for 3D. In most of the scenes, you will encounter blurriness which will coax you to put them back on. This is indeed a 3D film to the core!

Also, there is no harshness or irritation during the film. The visuals are designed to be soothing for your eyes. The 2019 movie by Jon Favreau delivers a smooth experience without annoying your visionary senses.

Final Thoughts!

The Lion King 3D is one of the few films to splurge that extra moolah on 3D this summer. It is a visual extravaganza right from the beginning to the end. The film is executed beautifully with the best 3D viewing experience. Even if the film doesn’t excite you as much as other audiences, you can’t deny the quality of the cutting-edge technology used for this movie. Jon Favreau has crafted this film with 3D in the foreground and the background and it does come out well! The 3D experience isn’t ”Hakuna Matata”! without the glasses!

The Lion King 2019 cast is also one of its biggest USP. Each actor / media personality has gone through rigorous practice to justify 3D characters and their characterization.

Download The Lion King full movie / watch online:

Don’t forget to watch the original 2D movie of 1994 before going for the CGI version of 2019. The 3D version is not frame by frame reference to the original version, it has its own beauty and charm to enthrall you. The old version don’t have that lush scenery and real life visual effects, but it still captures your mind with its impeccable story line and flawless 2D animation. Do download full movie or watch online / streaming.

And, yes, sorry to say that old movie The Lion King 2D is not available on Netflix. This error page must have been seen worldwide.

the lion king download link netflix

The official download link of The Lion Kind is available on Hotstar. It is available for premium users / membership. Watch it online. The link is:

But, nothing is protected in today’s high tech world. It is sad thing for our industry, but the movie is already uploaded on various pirated websites. One of the most known is Tamilrockers, which leaked The Lion King online for download in HD (720p) and HD Cam print. Please don’t go for such cheap options. It is my humble appeal to all to watch this movie and all other movies, only in theatres.

The Lion King series / franchise from Disney:

Disney has produced various TV series, education series, DVD, VHS and broadway musical apart from full movies. Notable animated films of the franchise are:

  1. The Lion King (1994)
  2. The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998) (Name got changed to “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride” later on)
  3. The Lion King 1½ (2004)

Download some of the main official character posters published by Disney, of The Lion King 3D 2019.


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