The VFX Festival 2017: Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics, Games and More

The VFX Festival 2017: Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics and Games is announced. Check out full details.


the vfx festival 2017 animation games

The VFX Festival 2017 schedule is out. As per the official reports, it is going to be the best one till date. Guess what, the venue has total space of 62,000 ft in four floors and equipped with three screen cinemas. 

Some of the major highlights of The VFX Festival 2017 are as follows:


  • ILM(Industrial Light & Magic) will represent VFX stroy behing the Hollywood blockbuster Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The speakers will be visual effects supervisors Stephen Ellis and John Galloway.
  • VFX pipeline in Games cinematics featuring HomeFront: The Revolution, The Crew: Calling All Units and EVE: Valkyrie.
  • MPC Londonwill shocase their best advertising works plus unreleased projects.
  • Climax studios will present the challenges of Virtual Reality for games.
  • Framestore will showcase behind the scenes and making of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by the creative director Christian Manz.
  • Senior artists Venetia Hadley and Andrew Kinnear from Cinesite will share their knowledge on how to create successful career in the VFX industry.
  • Character supervisor Ben Jones from MPC will explain making of The Jungle Book in the perspective of photoreal environments.
  • The Mill will talk about their unreleased projects. 
  • Jellyfish Pictures will show behind the scenes of Black Mirror: Swarms and Drones.
  • Blue Zoo is proving ‘Master class in Cartoony Character Animation’.
  • JM Blay, independent director and motion graphics artist, will explain how he uses procedural workflow of Houdini

Venue: RichMix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA.

Schedule: 7th to 9th February, 2017 

Check out the complete schedule of The VFX Festival 2017 for detailed information.


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