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Joe Scarr is known in the west as ‘the FX Machine’ of North America. We are proud to present here the Joe Scarr’s ’72 TP Essentials training videos’ that will set you on a solid foundation to mastering thinkingParticles.

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Joe Scarr has had more than a decade of production experience in the niche market of big movies visual effects and is still going strong. Joe spent seven years with ScanlineVFX, a major international post-production VFX studio, and he has created, supported and supervised phenomenal FX simulations for top ranking blockbuster Hollywood movies. The list includes soon-to-be-released Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and recent works: Power Rangers, Independence Day 2, San Andreas, TV series Game of Thrones, 300: Rise of an Empire, Battleship, Super 8, 2012, Iron Man 3, Spider Man 3, Superman Returns and many more.

Scanline VFX (Vancouver-based post production studio) has one of the best Thinking Particles pipelines, thanks to Joe Scarr and many other artists and in-house developers. When Joe has time from his tight schedule, he does his best to share what he knows via video tutorials. Many new vfx students and artists have benefited from Joe Scarr’s 72 TP Essentials and we now have it at no costs to artists in India at TheVirtualAssist.net. By going through the 72 essential videos, you will get a thorough grasp of Thinking Particles’ main operators, nodes and helpers and how these are dynamically setup for procedural particle visual effects. Intermediate and advanced learners will also benefit from some of Joe’s insights.
Link: Joe Scarr 72 essentials for thinkingParticles (TP)
Click this link to download working files of tutorials

Joe has currently agreed to free access for all VFX learners in India. If you need a TP educational license at a special rate, please contact 3dgallery@cebas.com

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The learning material is based on thinkingParticles 4 and 5 and earlier 3dsMax versions, but the core TP logic and techniques are transferable to latest version of TP 6. These free training tutorial videos are the best way to jump start your study.

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