‘The Virtual Assist’ is featured in “Top 50 VFX Blogs and Websites for Visual Effects Artists & Filmmakers” by Feedspot

Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’ is featured in the list of top 50 worldwide VFX Blogs and Websites, by Feedspot.


Animation and vfx blog 'The Virtual Assist'

The Virtual Assist is the leading Animation and VFX blog, founded and being run by Amit Mozar. The blog is cultivation of his years of practical knowledge and exposure in diversified segments of Media and Entertainment. Amit Mozar is an individual blogger who does it all: Research, Original content writing, Content curation, Creatives, SEO and Digital marketing. To his latest achievement, ‘The Virtual Assist’ is featured in ‘Top 50 VFX Blogs and Websites for Visual Effects Artists & Filmmakers’ by Feedspot.

The link is: http://blog.feedspot.com/vfx_blogs/

Feedspot is an international independent media which renders services of high value content curation. It got developed after Google shut down its own RSS service named ‘Google Reader’. Feedspot is specially designed for power users to help them become much more productive by closely integrating their specific interests with leading social media networks and other websites. So, the user doesn’t have to navigate to required resource sites manually. He/she gets everything at single access point, powered by all standard sharing tools.

In the Feedspot listing, Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’ is ranked on:

  • 27th position at International level
  • 1st position at India

TVA blog is trademarked (TM) with Google compliant policy of safe SSL certification for trusted site. Core objective of Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’ is to help various students, artists and knowledge seekers. As typical blog, it provides latest updates of jobs, games, making of / behind the scenes / before and after / VFX breakdown, current news, software and hardware update, interviews, tutorials and other related useful information.

Apart from above mentioned regular categories, some of the most prominent modules of ‘The Virtual Assist’ blog are as follows:

1. Mozar’s Notes:

Mozar’s Notes is the flagship series of Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’.

These are exclusive knowledge based content, focusing in the multiple niche areas of Animation and Visual Effects. These analytical writings and learning are beyond the scope of typical software tutorials. The main objective of this specialized crafted content is to uplift artist’s knowledge on the vast level rather than showing how to use tools of a software package. It serves the core purpose of growth hacking.

2. Get Job:

Get the job you deserve.

We have created an online resume format, very specifically, covering magnitude of job profiles. All the groundwork is already done for an artist. He/she just has to tick mark relevant job categories and input some essential details to receive free notifications of latest 3D Animation and VFX jobs. Apart from these two broad categories, job form is also applicable for jobs of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Motion Graphics, Editing, Gaming, Graphic Design, Web Design and other associated modules. It also features jobs of software trainer / faculty for an institute.

We keep getting very specific job requirements. If you fit in the criteria, we will mail you job details. Fill up the form now (Click ‘Get Job’).

3. Free latest Animation and VFX job updates through WhatsApp:

Getting or changing a job is one of the most crucial aspects of professional career. Everyone needs an accurate tool which can provide instant access to all latest 2D, 3D and Visual Effects job alerts. Through our extended reach of wide spread subscribers and daily users, we have bridged a gap between jobs and artists.

Till date, we are running five professional WhatsApp job groups titled ‘Animation and VFX Jobs’ – 01 to 05. Mostly all are updated in-sync. Apart from these own groups, The Virtual Assist is also in various other related groups as an admin / a member. So, TVA WhatsApp groups are always receiving latest jobs and other useful information for various categories of digital artists and HR people.

Apart from Animation and VFX WhatsApp job groups, we are also running separate ‘Graphic and Web Design Jobs’ WhatsApp group. This is dedicated to Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Android and other interconnected technology job updates.

4. Online Directory Listing of Animation and VFX Studios:

It is probably one of the most useful modules of our Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’.

Till date, we have documented 75+ Animation and VFX studios based at Mumbai. The complete listing provides all essential details including web site url, studio address, contact numbers and HR email id. Logo of studio is also displayed, for quick visual reference. When you are job ready or want to change the current one, it will be your handy guide to search jobs faster.

Let us know if we missed some studios or if you want to add your studio in directory list. Share the details with us and it will be added.

5. Online Directory Listing of Ad, Serial and Film Production Houses:

Check out list of Ad, Serial, Bollywood Directors & Film Production Houses in Mumbai. Get direct contact numbers and location details for daily audition updates. This directory listing is to help all upcoming actor, dancer, singer, voice over artist, lyricist, musician, editor and all other related technicians related to Media and Entertainment industry.

These compiled details are gathered from various online portals, digital and off-line mediums. Bookmark the sites related to your job profile and keep checking them for official updates.

6. Virtual Reality (VR):

Virtual Reality is spreading very fast in vast gamut of applications which touches human life. Earlier it was adapted in Entertainment segment, but not it is closely getting integrated in sectors of medical, automobile, corporate, architecture, fashion, defence, complex simulations and many more.

We are focusing on VR news which falls under domain of Media and Entertainment. Virtual Reality articles are spread across topics of movies, games, software, business and other related. The latest buzz is to combine technology advancement of Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality (AR) to create Mixed Reality (MR). It leads towards progressive future aspects of VR, AR and MR to create an immersive experience.

7. Acquisition and Mergers:

It is an unique section of the Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’.

The paradigm of corporate sector and software companies changes rapidly. Most of the people don’t know about the upper hierarchy or the real backbone of the business, they are just concerned with software updates. To break it through, the category of ‘Acquisition and Mergers’ gives complete insights of such business associations.

We furnish details in most comprehensive manner with necessary history remarks and future implications of the executed acquisition and merger. Such knowledge makes you stand apart in industry circles.

8. Webinars:

This is the new age digital tool which is used as best online tutorials. It isolates geographic boundaries and serve it’s true purpose of free knowledge sharing.

Free webinars can be accessed through minimal investment; you just need moderate internet connection which can stream online video without lagging. No any other expensive software or hardware required. You can ask your query through chat window, during or at the end of webinar session. It also gives you chance to get connected with other online attendees.

Due to varied time zones all around the globe, some countries fall into the time zone when artist may not come online. For them, mostly all webinars are recorded professionally and later on uploaded on related websites / official YouTube channel for future reference. If you don’t want to wait, feel free to record it through any screen capture software. There are no negative legal implications.

Majority of webinars are conducted by visual effects software companies. As per the subject demand, speaker ranges from in-house technical person, studio artist to freelancer. Don’t miss any webinars, as these are one of the best resources to learn latest technologies from industry experts.

9. Online contests:

Animation and VFX online contests are the perfect platform to mark your stand on international frontier. Various 3D and Visual Effects softwares companies arrange online competitions as strategy of their marketing and branding activity. For artists, it is beneficial to test himself/herself with larger audience.

Such online competitions are always free to participate with heavy gifts for winners. Winners mostly receive huge cash prize, original softwares with license (floating / perpetual), software subscription offers, third party plugins, graphic card, hardware, pen tablet or any other productive tools. On top of it, the winners and runner up artists gets online fame in various social media platforms and publications of software companies.

We share complete details of such online contests to benefit out readers. We explain competition in brief manner with link to official page of contest. Use this great tool to amplify your skills and experience professional exposure.

10. Seminars and Events:

Like software online contests, seminars and events are helpful for your professional success. These free events and workshops are physically organized in various cities by software companies.

The best part: you learn from the makers of software. Speakers list includes software programmer, visualizer, HODs, evangelists, marketing personnel, leading freelancer artists and other high profile titles. You get your best chance to interact with them face to face. If you are smart enough, it can be your ladder to connect personally to these influencers for your better job prospectus.

Never miss any chance to attend these seminars, events and workshops. Moreover, at the end of session, they arrange Q&A session. Winners get free software goody bags and other valuable stuff.

11. Online tests:

Online tests are one of the latest initiatives of The Virtual Assist. As name suggests, it is free tool to test your software expertise and boost up your learning curve.

The tests are in form of MCQ (Multi Choice Questions), created on the platform of Google Forms. Google Forms is very light weight yet powerful application which is optimized for multiple digital platforms. Each online test will have set of questions with different difficulty levels. As you submit all your answers, it instantly shows your score / rank.

Moreover, it also shows correct answer of a question if you had gone wrong. It is very helpful your own self assessment and evaluation of the subject knowledge.

12. Get Featured:

We will love to showcase your talent on our international platform. We can publish relevant content about remarkable achievement of yours. It can be regarding your award winning short movie, custom plug in, groundbreaking R&D or any other notable achievement in the field of Animation and VFX.

We are not charging anything from you for this publication. It is just our way of giving back knowledge to the industry. Quality back link from our blog will help your ranking high in organic Google search results. It will lead to quality traffic to your original content site. Feel free to consult with us for the same.

All the rights of your work will remain with you only. The Virtual Assist will act as an online entity to showcase your skills. Get in touch with us more details.

Want to leverage our Animation and VFX blog ‘The Virtual Assist’ for success of your brand? Check out Advertising section for more details.

We thanks our sponsor Vertex Volt Studio to use our services of online marketing and branding. Their continuous support helps us to create fresh content and update the blog on regular basis.


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