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Summer is here and many people are already planning to start their vacations. Having planned everything, the only thing remaining is to ensure that mails are well-handled while on vacation. One of the most common mistake that people make in handling mail while on travel is failing to reduce unwanted mail and not informing companies that they have changed their address. If you are travel beginner, here are some 5 things you want to do with your mail before you embark on your trip.

Get Short Term Help from Trusted Individuals:

One of the best ways to ensure that your mail is safe when you are away is by asking an entrusted friend or family member to check your mailbox every day and pick any mail that might have been sent. However, before you entrust anyone, it is important that you determine whether these are people that you would be comfortable if they put their nose in your business. Besides, anyone can easily tell where a mail is coming from if they check the return mail. Additionally, this method should only be used if one plans to travel not more than a week. Besides, no one wants to change their whole schedule just to accommodate your responsibilities.

Mail Holding:

If you plan to travel for a longer time, this might just be the perfect option for you. Mail holding allows you to cancel mail receiving from your local post for up to 30 days. We have found that the best way to utilize this service is by taking the full hold days before you begin your trip. This way, you can always cancel when you get back instead of worrying about renewing your hold during trip. So for example you would go down to your Ann Arbor post office and make reservation to have your mail placed on hold.

Forward your Mails:

Using an email forwarding service is best for people who plan to be on extended vacations. These services allow you to receive your mail wherever you are. Companies that offer these services can either hold or send your mail to you upon request. You will find that different companies offer different packages for different prices. However, most companies ask for a commitment not less than 3 months which will cost you nearly $200.

Take Advantage of Physical P.O. Box:

A post office box is a physical Mailbox that you find inside a local mail office. Travelers can rent these mail boxes to receive their mails while they are on vacation. It reduces the risk of theft for mail that may contain sensitive information. Also, it prevents the overburdening of friends and family with mails while you are on your trip. Another benefit of the P.O. Box is that they are readily available all over the world. On the downside, this alternative only holds your mail until your back.

Virtual Mailboxes:

These are also known as online mailboxes. Just as physical P.O. Box, these virtual mailboxes work by receiving your mail when you are away. The only difference is that they are privately-operated and they allow you to add a physical address so as to receive packages. Also, virtual P.O. boxes allow you to check your mail as soon as it is received.

As you plan for your first vacation, do not forget about your mail. Ensure the security and accessibility of your mail by choosing any of the above options.


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