URSA Mini Pro G2 Camera: Revolutionary camera upgrade launched by Blackmagic Design

Check out new features of URSA Mini Pro G2 Camera for amazing filmmaking experience.


new features of URSA Mini Pro G2 Camera

In recent technology update, Blackmagic Design (BMD) announced launch of URSA Mini Pro G2 camera, having mammoth list of advanced features of its successor camera models. In the series, it is titled as ‘URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2’. Without much ado, lets see what it have in store for all you, ranging from novice to experienced filmamker. 

New features of URSA Mini Pro G2 camera: 

  1. Super 35mm 4.6K (4608 x 2592 pixels) image sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range with 3200 ISO for high frame rate shooting, up to 300 frames per second.
  2. But naturally, it supports Blackmagic Design RAW format. It supports high level of feature film shooting to typical documentary feature. 
  3. It also supports live multi camera production.
  4. Added functionality of USB-C expansion port, so you can directly record into external disks to save time. It makes you free from tedious process of  data transfer to empty the internal disk. 
  5. URSA Mini Pro G2 camera uses ‘Blackmagic Design Generation 4 Color Science’ to get accurate color information from real life. 
  6. Apart from advanced technical specifications, the 4.6K G2 camera is also designed with keeping in mind the real life challenges. All the power packed functions are designed into compact and handheld magnesium alloy body. It is sturdy and light weight to ease your long hours of filmmaking.
  7. External high visibility backlit LCD status to display all technical details of shooting 
  8. A new foldout touch screen to remove dependency of on-set monitor. You can easily navigate in shooting data. 
  9. Blackmagic Design technical team always listens its customers. So, the new camera upgrade also supports much needed connections like 12G-SDI, XLR audio, built in high quality stereo microphones and more.
  10. One more thing to boast is that each control works independently. So, even in case of power shut down, the camera will work just fine.
  11. The camera is fully upgraded to tackle any kind of practical filmmaking challenges. It features neutral density (ND) filters, IR compensation, and stop filters (2, 4 and 6). It gives you large gamut of handling options for motion blur and depth of field in critical situations.

These are just tip of an iceberg. Check out official press release on site of Blackmagic Design for complete list of new features of URSA Mini Pro G2 camera. It is tagged at price of $5,995. 

Check out official video update by Blackmagic Design’s CEO Grant Petty. It covers new features of 4.6K G2 along with other products.


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