Free Webinar for Games and VFX Artists: UV Mapping Tips and Tricks in Unreal Engine

Learn industry standard techniques of UV mapping in Unreal Engine.


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UV mapping is a standard procedure of 3D production pipeline. In simple terms, it is used to apply 2D texture / image on 3D surface. UV texture map gives initial look and feel to CGI object. Later on, it is enhanced through shader, materials and lights to get required output. ‘U’ and ‘V’ represents the axes of 2D image / texture.

The latest free webinar from Escape Studios focuses on UV. The online learning module is completely dedicated to various production level tips and tricks related to UV editing and manipulation. Details are as follows.

Webinar title: UV Tricks
Trainer: Tom Harle, Games VFX tutor
Game engine: Unreal Engine
Date: 21st June, Thursday, 2018
Time: 6 pm London (You will be able to check time zone of your country in webinar registration page)

The webinar focuses on technical tips and tricks of UV on UE. So, it will be great if online session attendee has basic knowledge of Unreal Engine and its workflow. Tom will start from scratch regarding what is UV and why it is essential. Then he will practically show how UV editing and manipulation can be done inside Unreal Engine. The sessions will cover topics of texturing, related mathematics functions / programming to speed up the process and effects creation.

Tom is Escape Studios alumni. He has been in the industry from long time with credentials of VFX artist at Rebellion, Ubisoft Bluebyte and Splash Damage. Currently, apart from being an Educator, Tom also handles some Unreal Marketplace and freelance projects.

Want to prepare yourself in advance? Download project files ‘Unreal 4 UV Tricks‘ from official website of Tom Harle. It also have documented files of the webinar session. It will help you to revise the projects later on.

Click here to register for the webinar.


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