Get Registered for the Free Webinar: V-Ray for SketchUp

Chaos Group has organized latest online learning event through webinar of V-Ray for SketchUp. Check out all new features of both the packages.


vray 3 for sketchup chaos group webinar

SketchUp is one of the most popular packages for fast and effective 3D Modeling. It is whole new experience from other mundane software’s which drives technicality rather than simplicity. SketchUp cuts it right through. It focuses more on creativity and builds things fast enough to consternate more on pushing the envelope further.

V-Ray is an industry standard rendering plug-in which caters massive industries like Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Automobiles, Architecture, Medical and many more from Chaos Group. It is becoming first choice of rendering engine amongst digital artists all around the globe because of its acute photo realistic output. For its continuous support, V-Ray won Sci-Tech (Scientific and Technical) Academy Awards 2017.

Free webinar of V-Ray for SketchUp is arranged from Chaos Group. V-Ray 3 is configured specially for SketchUp to give best of both the packages to the artists. It is redesigned with new sleek interface, robust tools and useful presets. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU (Central Processing Unit), both can be used on optimal performance through V-Ray 3’s twin engine rendering architecture.

The V-Ray for SketchUp webinar will be mentored by Kalina Panteleeva. Kalina is specialized in teaching V-Ray in depth. Her training sessions of V-Ray for Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya and The Foundry NUKE are immensely helpful for various digital artists. Following essential topics will be covered in current online training event.

  • Newly designed user interface and work flow
  • Material library
  • VRay swarm
  • Denoiser
  • One click VR (Virtual Reality)
  • Section cuts
  • Aerial perspective
  • Grass

VRay for SketchUp webinar is scheduled on 21st March, Tuesday, 2017 for three difference time zones. Select a time schedule according to your preference.

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