V-Ray Next for Maya: Latest Free Webinar from Chaos Group

Learn how new features of V-Ray can improve production pipeline through ‘V-Ray Next for Maya’ webinar.


V-Ray Next for Maya webinar chaos group

V-Ray Next for 3ds Max has amazing new features and advanced tool sets. After successful implementation on 3ds Max, Chaos Group also integrated V-Ray Next for Maya. The online training session focuses on various new modules and workarounds. Details are as follows.

Date: 14th November, Wednesday

Time: 9 am PT / 12 pm ET (Convert to your country’s time zone during the webinar registration process)

Trainer: Cory Holm (CG Specialist, Chaos Group)

Duration: 1 hour

Topics of  the webinar:

  • A whole new level of interactivity: The IPR now updates instantaneously, and with the Debug Shading feature, you can isolate geometry and large shading networks to boost your look development. We’ve seamlessly integrated V-Ray IPR in the viewport for Maya Playblast animation previews.
  • Pump up the GPU volume: V-Ray GPU Next comes with a new multi-kernel architecture that renders up to twice as fast. It’s packed with new production features such as volume rendering for smoke, fire, and fog, as well as support for bucket sampling and cryptomatte render elements.
  • Pump down the noise: With NVIDIA’s AI denoiser, look development is now perfectly noise-free with IPR in the VFB or the viewport.
  • Faster than the speed of light: Smart new tools improve your workflow and speed up environment lighting by up to 7x. The adaptive dome light features faster and more accurate IBL without light portals in interiors. Scene intelligence speeds up your rendering and adds point-and-shoot automatic camera exposure and white balance.
  • Hair, toons, and metal: Find out how to create photorealistic hair with the new physiologically accurate hair material, and create cartoon and cel-shading effects with the toon shader. With the Metalness parameter you can apply your PBR workflow from other applications such as Substance Designer to the V-Ray Material.

Registration links:

Click the location as per your preference to get registration link of ‘V-Ray Next for Maya’ webinar.

Europe & Africa: 10 to 11 am CET

America: 12 to 1 pm EDT

Asia Pacific: 5 to 6 pm AEDT

“V-Ray Next is designed to support Maya artists at every level, providing faster workflows through a new set of features and optimizations,” said Vlado Koylazov, CTO and co-founder at Chaos Group. “Now with better IPR and viewport rendering, artists can concentrate more on their creative ideas and the details that make their scenes and characters come alive.”

VRay Next for Maya is available now. Check out the official video.


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