Visual Effects Society (VES) in India: A Milestone for Indian Animation and VFX Industry

VES India is the 12th chapter of Visual Effects Society, the official international organization of our very own Animation and VFX industry.


ves india chapter indian animation and vfx

The Visual Effects Society aka VES is respected name for every individual who belongs to motion picture, TV, media education, games, entertainment, new media and related industry. VES is the only established organization which covers huge gamut of people, artists, technicians, publishers and influencers to help each other and nourish the entire community for every one’s progress. Having presence in more than 35 countries (including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Washington, Australia, Bay Area (CA), London, Germany, New Zealand and now in India) with around 3400 active members, VES India is the latest breakthrough.

Major contribution for inception of VES India goes to Mr. Tim McGovern. Tim, Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor, is VES member of Board of Directors for over 20 years. Also handling position of Chairman of the VES Committee for Outreach to Developing Regions, he played major role to form VES India chapter. He personally sponsored initial 5 VES Indian members from 2001 to 2006 to sustain it throughout.

Tim McGovern VES India

Launch of VES India:

Visual Effects Society in India is a milestone event for Indian Animation and VFX industry. RedChillies VFX Studio hosted the inauguration party of VES India chapter, on 16th December, Saturday, 2017 at the studio. All VES India members, Visual Effects professionals along with other prestigious industry personnel celebrated the event. The event also facilitated chosen Board members from recent internal voting. Visual Effects Society India has current strength of total 57 members.

Key people of VES India chapter:

  1. Chairman: Mr. Anish Mulani (Head of Prana Studios, Mumbai)
  2. Co-Chairman: Mr. Keitan Yadav (Co-Founder and COO of RedChillies VFX, Mumbai)
  3. Secretary: Mr. Devrishi Chatterjee (Lead Compositor at MPC, Bangalore)
  4. Treasurer: Mr. Abhishek Krishnan (Graphics PR Manager at AMD, India)

Abhishek Krishnan Anish Mulani Keitan Yadav Devrishi Chatterjee

Board members of Visual Effects Society India are as follows.

  1. Mr. Bejoy Arputharaj (VFX Supervisor / Managing Director at PhantomFX, Chennai)
  2. Mr. Suresh Kondareddy as Board Member and part of the Global Board of Directors (VFX supervisor/Creative Head at Digikore Studios Pvt. Ltd., Pune)
  3. Mr. Neil Sadwelkar (Director at Digital Dada, Mumbai)
  4. Mr. Sachin Shrestha (Production Technology Supervisor at Prana Studios, Mumbai)
  5. Mr. Mohinder Subramaniam (Visual Effects Supervisor)
  6. Mr. Madhu Sudhanan (Senior Visual Effects Supervisor)

Check out the image gallery of inauguration party of VES India chapter.


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