10 Reasons Why Before and After VFX of Bahubali The Beginning is Colossal : Part 2

Baahubali The Beginning is the biggest block buster VFX movie of Indian Film Industry till date. Check out amazing VFX before and after of Bahubali with breakdown pictures,  behind the scenes and making of video.


vfx before after baahubali part 2

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You have seen the first 5 reasons why Bahubali VFX is Colossal. Check out the remaining with before and after images and pictures of Bahubali.

6. VFX Supervisor V Srinivas Mohan is the main guy behind the astonishing visual effects. Srinivas has broke all his earlier benchmarks of Robot, I, Sivaji and many more by going to extreme levels of camera techniques for shooting. Baahubali HD pics of battle sequences had been viral on the net. He had mentioned on his blog that he had used all existing technologies to shoot the VFX of this movie. He had given full freedom, creatively and financially, by the director to achieve the best shooting. He made Baahubali the benchmark for visual effects in Indian Cinema.

Check out Baahubali visual effects supervisor Srinivas Mohan’s exclusive interview with VFX before and after  :

7. Gigantic mountains and waterfall sequences are animated to add more drama. Rajamouli wanted the waterfalls coming on the heights of a cloud. This was huge !!!! It is collaborative effort of Rajamouli, Sabu Cyril, K. K. Senthil Kumar and Srinivas Mohan. Firefly Creative Studios worked for pre production and pre visulization waterfall animation. After the approval, 3D waterfall animation was created of around 2500 feet. 3D camera projection and various angle camera blocking used to create it on the giant scale. Various FPS (frames per second) were used while camera animation.

The hardest issue was to recreate ground areas of the waterfall. So, the live action shooting had been carried out at Athirapally waterfalls, Kerala. Heavy green screen were used during the romantic song Dheevara where there is interaction between Prabhas and Tamannaah. Pete Draper, studio VFX supervisor and co-founder of Makuta, played the major role for the entire waterfall sequence.  Majority of water fall scenes have been achieved by computer generated imagery (CGI). The R&D of more than two years in heavy fluid dynamics was the key element for the seamless visual engaging beauty 3D of animated water falls.

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8. Use of Animatronics is the coolest thing Rajamouli and Srinivas used extensively. Animatronics is the scientific technique to create life like robots which can be programmed and operated to act like real character. It is controlled and animated via joy stick and other gears. Jurassic Park is one of the best examples of Hollywood for using animatronics at its best level. Sabu Cyril created animatronics of horse and elephant for close up shots. It is used at many major animation of Bahubali which involved interaction with animals. Ethiran (Robot) starring Rajnikanth was the first Indian movie to use this technology.

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9. LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) Scanning was used to make the post production work faster. It is the first movie in the history of Indian Film Cinema to use and adapt this expensive advanced technique. Using this remote sensing technology, the city was first scanned digitally and then scanned into 3D model for further improvements. The techniques took more than 3 to 4 days to scan the entire city and then to convert it into 3D. If you go by traditional way of making 3D modeling, it will take a long time to create all assets. LIDAR helps efficiently for digital enhancements. You can study advanced level of visual effects courses to know more about this.

10. 90% of Bahubali VFX is done in India only. This is the biggest achievement of Indian Animation and VFX Industry. We are coming to an age where we can produce and direct all visual effects contents in our home ground only. The VFX and Animation of Baahubali is also appreciated in Hollywood and other world cinema circles. It’s a huge triumph for all skilled Indian VFX artists. Unfortunately, our movies are not visual effects centric. But, this movie is changing the paradigm of our local viewers.

With upcoming movies like ‘Baahubali – The Conclusion‘ and ‘Vijay 59‘, we will be seeing more local visual effects jobs.


Apart from all these, there is also one more special thing the movie is famous for : the hot item dance number of international models cum actresses. Bahubali Manohari song item girl dancers Gabriela Bertante, Scarlett Wilson, Nora Fatehi had became over night celebrities. Nora Fatehi in Bahubali dancer girl group has been remarkable. She is already featured in internationally acclaimed movie Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans. Scarlett Wilson had been participant on TV reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Reloaded. Gabriela Bertante performed as VJ for MTV Grind.




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