Vote for the Virtual Reality (VR) Networking Meetup in Mumbai

Give your nomination for Virtual Reality Meetup in Mumbai. This VR networking will be greatly beneficial for the entire Indian Animation and VFX industry.


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Virtual Reality Meetup concept is incubated by ARK Infosolutions and The Foundry. It is a great initiative of presenting VR Pipeline seminar, completely in-sync with the current dynamics of worldwide Animation and Visual Effects industry. Virtual Reality aka VR is growing day by day in numerous application areas such as gaming, mobile, technology, education, engineering, media, sports, fashion, medical science, military, movies, corporate and what not.

Right now, even a small scale studios or start-ups are working on VR projects.It is the perfect high time when we should grab this opportunity and explore other areas of operations by co-operating each others. Virtual Reality is a technology that is open for all, not limited to some handful giant companies. As a result, no one has monopoly in this segment of Media and Entertainment sector.


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The problem is: 

Artists and studios are scattered. It lacks the ecosystem where one can easily solve the problem with help of others. Everyone knows about others in bits and pieces. It is also causing the project withdrawals from half the way. Both the parties, client and artist/studio, gets deep hole in pocket with zero output.

The proposed solution by The Foundry:

Concept of Virtual Reality Meetup.

It is an open invitation to all studios and artists. The voluntary participation of all Animation and VFX houses, studio artists and freelancers will create a platform where like-minded can share the ideas and solve the queries. It will be win-win situation for all. The studios will find best talents and artists will get more complex challenges to conquer with.  The common place will create more opportunities in the arena of CG and live action VR.

How to participate?

Fill up your details in online form of Virtual Reality Meetup Mumbai. Based on the overall feedback, The Foundry will be able to schedule the meetup.

Please click the below given Google Form and fill up your details to participate.

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