VR Rendering with V Ray for 3ds Max – Register for Live Webinar by Novedge

Participate in one more existing live V Ray webinar series by Novedge. Yana Andreeva will showcase VR Rendering with V Ray for 3ds Max. The entire pipeline is based on V-Ray 3.2. 



Novedge webinars are the best source of technical and practical information for various 3D and Design softwares. The current Novedge webinar series is focusing on cutting edge VR (Virtual Reality) projects. The software integration pipeline is based on V Ray for 3ds Max. It’s huge upgrade from V-Ray 1.5 to V-Ray 3.2.

The V Ray webinar will showcase all new features and in depth knowledge of VR renderings. The V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max training seminar will cover entire pipeline from setting a scene to final rendering settings for VR use. The webinar presenter is Yana Andreeva, CG Specialist from Chaos Group. She will reveal practical solutions to various difficult areas like lighting, realistic materials and management of heavy geometry mesh. Yana will provide quick tips and tricks for fast rendering with physical accuracy output in stereoscopic mode. For the same she will demo latest VR cameras which are available in V-Ray 3.2.

thinking Particles 6.2 Webinar by Novedge

This online learning training video will be useful for all CG specialists and generalists who want to upgrade in VR projects. Virtual Reality in movies will be the next big thing. The webinar will be one hour long with Q & A session.

V Ray Webinar Details :

Date : 04th November, Wednesday, 2015

Time : 11 am PDT

Venue : Online

Click the ‘Register Now’ button to participate into the V Ray for 3ds Max webinar. 


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