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what is previsualisation benefits workflow pipeline

Previsualisation is an essential tool of today’s filmmaking process. All major blockbuster Hollywood 3D Animation & Visual Effects movies and international web series of OTT (Over The Top) platforms are using it from long time for powerful presentation. Learn more about it from latest webinar of Escape Studios.

What is Previsualisation?

As name suggests, it is pre-planning of final video shooting. The previsualisation / storyboard artist lock the camera angle, perspective, props / elements apart from talent (actor) and other related things. It is like draft shooting sequence. As typical method, it can be done via pen and paper. Or there can be animatics using various 2D and 3D techniques.

So, in nutshell, previsualisation is rough animation of actual shooting. It is very robust tool, as it can prevent all possible mistakes of live action shoot. It also gives accurate details regarding how to do VFX shooting. Over the time, the process of previsualisation has improved a lot. Now-a-days, the cinematics is kind of draft replica of the final output. Such tool gives creative edge to the Director, so he can convey the message on more powerful manner.

Previsualisation webinar:

The details are as follows.

Webinar subject: Introduction to the Previs workflow – combining 2D and 3D techniques

Mentor: Iliana Franklin, Previs tutor, Escape Studios

Date: 27th November, Wednesday, 2019

Time: 6 pm, London


Iliana Franklin will cover wide array of modules for providing in-depth knowledge of the the said subject. Along with theory, she will also teach practical approach of story visualisation.

The major topics are as follows.

  • What is Previsualisation?
  • How to do Previs and its requirements?
  • Benefits of Previsualisation
  • Practical tips and tricks using leading Previs softwares including Maya, PanelForge and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
  • Previsualisation pipeline and workflow
  • What she teaches in Previs course at Escape Studios

Registration link of Previs webinar:

Although it’s live training session, seats are limited. Kindly click on the registration link below and book your seat asap. Please switch the time zone as per your country, during the process.


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