What Type of Animator Should I Be? – Webinar Reply by ILM Animator Erik Morgansen

There are various types of jobs in Animation. Every art of Animation is unique in it’s own way. To solve all these queries, watch out this best Animation tutorial webinar by ILM Animator Erik Morgansen on the subject of ‘What Type of Animator Should I Be?’



‘What is Animation’ is one of the most obvious question asked by aspiring animators and freshers. All thanks to Animation Mentor for such great digital animation webinar hosted by ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) Animator Erik Morgansen to crack this one. The animation mentor has huge credits in Hollywood block buster movies like Transformers 4, AvatarBattleship, Noah, Pacific Rim, Jurassic World, Ant Man and so on. Erik has been animating for over 20 years and already featured in so many animation magazine till date. Check out his complete animations list on IMDB.

This unique animation program by Eric solves common myths about various types of animation with through in and out. The concepts are applicable in movies, games and other industries. The learning curve webinar became gigantic with students questions with Morgansen.

Animation Mentor’s curriculum designer, Justine Owens hosted this amazing online learning video. Enjoy the one hour webinar replay here.




Also check out the official link for complete Video and Text version of the webinar ‘What Type of Animator Should I Be?’


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