XROM: Celebrating, Showcasing & Shaping India’s Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) Industry

XROM is the amalgamation of India’s AR, VR and MR industry under one roof.


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In early time of 2016 only Google, Nokia, Facebook & some very well funded startups were approaching the very challenging domain of building Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Cameras. It was believed to be high tech, exclusive only for world leading companies. But, two Indian entrepreneurs changed this canvas.

Inception in the AR and VR industry:

VR Storytellers is an Indian Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Content startup, founded by Eddie Avil & Ashley Rodrigues. Both are without engineering background and financial backing, but they were determined for this mammoth task. Following their passion, they built 16 camera stereoscopic rig plus a robotic dolly for motion VR capture and Directed/Produced India’s 1st Stereoscopic Cinematic VR Experience short movie titled ‘Crackle‘. Their dedication paid off, the Crackle movie got shortlisted in various VR Film Festivals around the world, and also Won the ‘Best VR Experience’ at the Miami Fear Festival 2018.

These serial entrepreneurs were not done yet. To push India’s nascent Extended Reality Industry, they founded ‘IMMERSION – India’s 1st AR/VR film festival and conference‘, and it saw more than 600 people, in attendance with 40+ speakers & well-curated panel discussions and workshops.

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What is XROM?

XROM is coined as ‘Home of Extended Reality’.

Eddie Avil & Ashley Rodrigues’s new venture ‘XROM‘ is designed to showcase, celebrate & shape India’s Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) industry. It has been a long term vision of the duo, and is currently working on gathering a community of investors, enterprise, technologists, marketeers plus the consumers under one platform to collectively shape the industry forward.

The website consists following dedicated modules:

  • XRNews: It is their biz vertical, an AR/VR/MR digital news platform. It showcase curated video contents.
  • XROM Podcast (Audio and Video): It showcase their own talks / interviews with industry leading people. It is first of its kind podcast for the AR/VR/MR Industry in India and the ideal channel if you want to know what’s happening in India and the Global XR Industry.
  • XRBazaar: It is an XR online shop/e-commerce platform. XRBazaar solves the accessibility problem. According to Eddie Avil – “Today if you want to buy an Oculus Quest VR headset, it retails close to 69000/- INR which is more than double the retail price in the US or China. XRBazaar came into existence to put a stop to these con businesses exploiting startups/consumers.”

    This online buying platform will strive to bring the latest AR/VR Products such as VR camera’s, AR/VR/MR headsets, depth-sensing solutions, motion capture, LBVRE (Location based Virtual Reality entertainment) equipments, hardware, software & accessories available for purchase here in India at the best possible price & also provide after-sales service.

Also check out latest featured articles of XROM on Analytics India Magazine. The link is:


Eddie Avil & Ashley Rodrigues XROM Founder

Eddie Avil, the host of XROM Podcast has interviewed over 30+ leaders from India & around the globe. If you want to know what is AR/VR/MR and how it will impact you or your organization then do subscribe, like & share XROM Podcast YouTube channel. The link is:



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