Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2 released for Mac, Linux and Windows

Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2 is now shipping for for Mac, Linux and Windows.


Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2

Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2 is released online for download on 13th September, 2016 on the official BMD website. It comprises both the versions: Fusion 8.2 and Fusion 8.2 Studio.

The most noticeable update is that the free version of Fusion 8.2 is also shipped for the most popular and open source Linux platform. It will help freelancers and small scale / start up studios on a huge way. It will be able to integrated in the existing pipeline without any hassle or third party plugins. As the software is released from the official Blackmagic Design company, the inter portability of Fusion files between various operating systems will be error free. On a roll over effects, it will impart low cost solution for high end visual effects creation.

fusion on linux mac windows

Fusion 8 beta was released in 2015 with so many enhancements and upgrades for CGI and VFX compositing. Using the node based workflow and interface, Fusion makes it to a great degree simple to create gigantic visual effects and motion graphics rapidly. Full fledged 3D environment, accurate tracking and stabilizing, in built particle system, smooth animation flow along with robust tools for roto, chroma, paint, wire removal makes it an ideal package of Post Production Suite. Python and Lua scripting can be used to create custom set up. It can also import 3D models, point cloud data, objects or even an entire 3D scenes from leading packages for integrated compositing of live action footage and CGI elements.

Fusion 8.2 Studio, the paid version, is very well equipped with all advanced and production time saving tools. It provides stereoscopic tool kit, unlimited free render nodes and other multi user features. All it comes on very affordable price of only $995. That’s it! No hidden cost or complicated things like subscription, licensing or maintenance fees.

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fusion on linux mac windows

bmd fusion particles

Check out the download link for Blackmagic Design Fusion 8.2.

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