Car Rendering Challenge from Humster3D

Car Rendering Challenge has been announced – Humster 3D Car Render Challenge 2016. Participate and make your stand to win amazing prizes.


Car Rendering challenge Humster3D

Car Rendering challenge is part of an annual Humster3D competition. In 2016, this best car render competition is in it’s third year. Humster 3D is very well known for high quality 3D models. They have vast categories including automobiles, electronics, architecture, weapons, animals and many more. The 3D car rendering competition is organized in association with major 3D software companies.

Other recent contests:

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2) Evermotion Contest 2016: The Secret Garden

What to create:

  1. As the name suggests, you need to create a 3D car and do the best render. The car can be existing or futuristic.
  2. It must be supported by 3D environment.
  3. A short story about your concept and why you did such kind of render and final composition.


  1. It must be an original work, must not be published anywhere previously.
  2. Only one entry per participant.
  3. For horizontal render, the render should be at-least 1K pixel wide.
  4. For vertical render, choose the render size as per the concept.
  5. Render size should not be more than 2 mb.
  6. Various WIP and wireframes can be submitted.
  7. Correction is possible during the car rendering competition, but with the limitations set by the the moderators.

How to apply:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Click the button ‘ADD WORK’. It will open up a dialog box. Fill up all the necessary details and upload your work.


  • You can use any 3D software and rendering engine of your choice.
  • Mention all the softwares that had been used for the competition.

Car Rendering competition schedule:

Start date: 13th September, 2016
End date: 29th November, 2016 by 16:00 (GMT)

Jury panel:

  1. Steve Holmes: Editor, 3D Artist magazine
  2. Ian Dean: Editor, 3D World magazine
  3. Marco Traverso: CarBodyDesign Founder and Director / Freelance Designer
  4. Eduard Danilov: Owner of Exlevel and GrowFX main developer
  5. Tom Grimes: Marketing Specialist, Corona Renderer
  6. Jim Thacker: Editor, CG Channel
  7. Arseniy Korablev: 3D Artist, creator and owner of PolyBrush
  8. Jeremie Noguer: Allegorithmic Product Manage
  9. Gleb Alexandrov: The founder of the Creative Shrimp website
  10. Yurii Lebediev: CG Supervisor and popular 3D blogger
  11. Ronen Bekerman: Founder & Editor ArchVIZ Blog, co-founder of The Craft
  12. Rosu Alexandru: 3D Artist, Creator and Co-founder of RED School of Graphics and Design
  13. Alexey Duk: Technical Director, iCube R&D Group
  14. Jonathan Holmes: Quixel Community Manager
  15. Michael Bitsakis: Lead 3D Artist, Render Expert at Instant Light PBR Renderer
  16. Hum3D team: Lead 3D artists

Some of the submitted images in the car rendering competition :




saif sahara car rendering challenge


Check out the official page of Humster 3D Car Rendering Challenge 2016 for more details.


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