Dhoom 3 Review – The only reason to watch the movie is Aamir Khan, and Aamir Khan

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

The no brain revenge story with very lousy script, wrapped with beautiful foreign locations. The box office success is achieved only due to over-the-hype marketing and paid critics reviews.


Dhoom 3 stands 100% true on my expectation : Completely disappointing even after the lead role by Aamir Khan. The movie is only good in bits and pieces.  After Aamir, the only best part of the movie is the child actor –  Siddharth Nigam – he did better acting than Abhishek and Uday.


The Story : The Western Bank of Chicago didn’t support Jackie Shroff, do he did suicide.  His twin sons, Sahir and Samar (Aamir Khan), wants to take revenge form the bank. As Aamir writes hindi notes in bank after robbery, the bank appoints Abhishek and Uday to catch him. And the entire story goes for the toss.

Aamir’s entry is powerful – returning from flashback, bare chest, toned body, his room with minimalist interior and maximum gadgets, his significant black hat and the narration of the poem which is the  single most memorable dialog of the movie :
Bande hain hum uske
Humpe kiska zor
Ummedon ke sooraj
Nikle chaaron ore
Iraadein hain fauladi
Himmati har kadam
Apne haathon kismat likhne
Aaj chale hain hum….

aamir entry

The complete opposite entry is of Abhishek and Uday – fully nonsense and boring – South Indian Movies style. You suddenly feel you are watching some C grade Hindi movie. Acting wise, Abhishek just shows fake attitude of being a cop, not doing justice to his role. He must choose better script like ‘Guru’.  Jackie Shroff is good in small role.

The most pathetic parts of the movie :

  • Uday Chopra as an actor. He is Bollywood’s answer to Hollywood’s Scary and Horror Movies.
  • In the entire movie, the ‘Great Indian Circus’ don’t show any remarkable magic or anything which is relevant to the circus.
  • So many meaningless bike chase sequences which lead to nowhere.
  • Aamir robes the bank in same style every time, without any tricks and comes out very easily. Is Chicago some 3rd country’s rural area without any surveillance camera system ? Can’t they shoot Aamir in legs or hands ? 
  • The climax is completely abrupt. In the night, duo Aamir ran into darkness and the very next morning out of nowhere the duo and police arrives at Verzasca Dam (Switzerland). This is the same location used of the opening sequence of James Bond movie ‘Golden Eye’.


The most funnies parts of the movie :

  • Aamir has not shared any dialog or screen space with Uday. They both are seen together only in one frame. But, there is no dialog between them.  I just love this !!!
  • After watching ‘Batman’ or ‘Fast and Furious’, you feel the passion to race the motorbike like them. But, after watching Dhoom, you just need to get sleep.
  • In all series of Dhoom, the villains are worth watching than heroes. 

dhoom 3 katrina

Poor Katrina. She is used just as an eye candy !!! Due to her fights with YRF banner, most of her role is cut. In total, she hardly got 10-15 minutes of dialog space in the movie.

Music is ok. Even the remix of Dhoom tune is not something great. Aamir’s tap dance look awkward because of his short height.

The Visual Effects (VFX) is on top notch level, very neat and clean. It is as par of Hollywood. Two VFX sequences are just the great. First, the rotating camera shot where two Aamir Khan are revealed for the first time. Second, the drama sequence between two Aamir Khan when they are verbally fighting seeing each other in the mirror.


Tip for Uday as a movie lover : You are a bad actor. So, as the Producer of the movie, don’t cast yourself. it’s a very big turn down for the box office. You should better get remembered as a great producer rather than a bad actor. Follow the footsteps of Yashji and Aditya, work off the screen, be more productive and mint more money … 🙂

So, there is no ‘Dhoom’ anymore, it’s only ‘Doom’. For viewers, this series should be shut down completely or replace Abhishek and Uday. Also, Aamir is losing his tag of ‘The Perfectionist’. It is his second low movie after ‘Talaash’.

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