Official Download Link of NUKE Non-Commercial with Complete Listing of Benefits and Limitations

The Foundry NUKE is an award winning Post Production Visual Effects and Compositing software. Download Nuke in non-commercial version for all your VFX work.



The Foundry NUKE had been felicitated by Technical Achievement Academy Award in 2002. It is an essential tool in the VFX pipeline of biggest post production houses, small scale VFX studios to various digital media and entertainment freelancers. It’s biggest rival, Blackmagic Design Fusion has already been released as free version for commercial purpose.

But, The Foundry had released only NUKE Non-Commercial version. Download NUKE to get started.


Benefits of Non-Commerical NUKE :

  • NUKE, NUKEX, NUKE STUDIO : all three variants are released as non-commercial version.
  • The render output will be without water mark.
  • It can be used to upgrade the skills, personal learning, demo reel projects, R&D and technical experiments.
  • It comes with rolling licenses which renews automatically every 30 days.
  • The user can use the software on two machines at a time.
  • The digital artist can experience the top notch industry standard VFX package free of cost.
  • It is available on following operating systems : 64-bit Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9, CentOS/RHEL 5, CentOS/RHEL 6.


Limitations of Non-Commercial NUKE :

  • As  the name suggests, it must not be used for any kind of revenue generation project or in commercial environment.
  • The license of free nuke cannot be used in commercial version of NUKE pipeline and clusters.
  • The highest output resolution is limited to HD (1920 x 1080).
  • Following nodes are locked in non commercial NUKE version : WriteGeo, Ultimatte, Primatte, BlinkScript, GenerateLUT
  • For MPEG4 and h264, 2D format support is disabled.
  • All external data storage is encrypted.
  • NUKE scripts -> saved with the extension .nkple
    Gizmos -> saved with the extension .gzple
    Nuke studio timeline projects -> saved with extension .hrox
    No copying to the clipboard
  • Limited functionality for Python scripting.
  • The commercial version of NUKE cannot open files created with the Non-commercial version. But, on the contrary, Non-commercial NUKE can open files and gizmos created in the commercial version.
  • No video monitor output support.
  • It don’t support any 3rd party and OFX plugins.
  • Command line rendering is also disabled in free version.
  • Cannot be used for instructional purpose in any institute or private classroom and labs.



Getting started with NUKE tutorials :

  • What if you stuck somewhere with NUKE Non-Commercial ? Don’t worry. The Foundry Community for NUKE is always online to help VFX aspirants. It’s an open forum where the user can ask queries, get answers, start discussion, share ideas and so on.
  • Official learning videos : NUKE video tutorial
  • FAQs


Click here to download NUKE Non-Commercial



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