Requirement of Advanced Houdini Trainer at Leading 3D / CGI Studio

There is an opening of Advanced Houdini trainer at Mumbai based leading 3D / CGI Studio. Check out details to apply for this freelance project.


advanced houdini trainer

SideFX Houdini is an industry standard package for high-end 3D Animation and Visual Effects creation. The strongest USPs of Houdini lies in its:

  1. Procedural system (You create something through process, not by static / irreversible tools)
  2. Non-destructive workflow (You can go back to the first level of operations and edit it. The consecutive changes will be in coherence of the newly applied action.)

Both the things are driven by accurate mathematical algorithms. It provides much better performance in compare to manual working.

Houdini follows node based structure which makes it very effortless to handle larger and complex Animation and VFX shots. You can re-order the nodes or change parameters very easily. It don’t break down your final shot. This is the biggest trade off with its closest competitor: Autodesk Maya. In Maya pipeline, you have to use Python or MEL for creating something in procedural way. The default tools provide history operations, but they are not as efficient as Houdini’s node based pipeline. Well, it doesn’t mean Houdini is superior to Maya. In various post production studio pipelines, both are equally used depending on the nature of the project.

The details of current freelance project is as follows:

  • Software: SideFX Houdini
  • Training level: Advanced
  • Studio: Mumbai based leading CGI studio
  • Houdini Modules to be taught: Effects, Programming
  • Training category: Only 3D / CGI (No live action)
  • Training schedule: To be discussed between Houdini trainer and studio management
  • Commercials: To be discussed between Houdini trainer and studio management
  • Send your resume to:
  • Mail subject must be: Advanced Houdini Trainer
  • Mail content must have: Updated resume, demo reel link, expected commercials

The studio prefers the Houdini trainer to come at the studio for providing training. However, if the trainer is not Mumbai based and having an exceptional knowledge of the subject matter, online training can be though about.

If you have any queries, kindly mail on the given email id or reply below this post.

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